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Okay, so first things first. My last post stated that Jayse was wrong about the timer, after some discussion with him, it turns out that he was actually making the timer for midnight on the 16th, so that as soon as the 17th hits, it hits the zero mark. Here’s hoping to a midnight launch!

So let me tell you what happened this week, let’s start on Sunday. Sunday seems like a good day, so let’s begin there. So I’m on the forums and I’m discussing away about the Tournament Edition SFIV Fightstick (The Fighting Stick of Dreams!). I, then, pop into mIRC chat on #capcom and find out that there are only a few places left open in the pre-order, as Amazon and Liz Lick had closed theirs off the day before, or something like that. My only option was to order from Gamestop.com. As we know, Gamestop uses UPS to deliver, and I didn’t want that, since a 3kg stick would probably rape me up the ass in customs. So I hold off on the stick pre-order. I believe my last post on the forums stated that I was gonna order it the next day after some errands are done.

Fast foward to Monday, day off from work. I stated that I would check out PNP games in person, since I had the time and well no one else was available. I drove there at about 10:15am, took me a good 30 mins -45 mins to get there. Fastest way I could think of was Bishop to Lagimodere to Grassie to McLeod. So I get there, very nice place. Small, but nice. It has so many games from my past it’s not even funny. They had old issues of Nintendo Power I used to read. They had Perfect Dark in brand new packaging, they had SF:Anniversary Collection brand new in packaging. I could go on and on, but anyways, on with the story. I had asked the dude behind the front counter if he had any idea about the Fight Stick coming out next month. He hands me a Hori EX2 for the 360. I kindly tell him that it is made by Madcatz, and so he picks up his phone and calls his manager (seems like I’m talking to a dude who only knows how to casually play games, I hate these guys.), his manager states that they will be getting the sticks, but that’s all he told me. I made sure to leave a picture of the TE Stick with him so that when I call in about 2 weeks they’ll know if they’re getting the god damn thing (or 4 weeks now that they’re apparently being back ordered due to Chinese New Year).

Let’s continue on with Monday’s adventure. While coming back from PNP games, it clicks in my head that there is one place I never really tried. That’s right, Microplay. So I quickly do a few turn arounds and I’m at the St. V location. When I walk in, I see this old guy at the counter and this is what immediately pops into my head:

“AWESOME, OLD GUY, he must be the owner, he’ll know if he’s getting it in stock”

This is the result of making that assumption. He ended up being a worker that knew nothing (Again, what’s up with these people!?). I was told to call in later and ask for Sarah, who would know more (Oh god). So I ask when she will be in, and he tells me 1 PM. That seems fair, only that it’s fucking 11:45 in the fucking morning! So I did some stuff (aka buy Robocop and ID4 on Blu Ray). Then hung out at Jayse’s until I could call Sarah. 1 o’ clock rolls around and I give Microplay a call. I asked about the Fightstick and the Tournament Edition one. She lets me know that they have nothing on the database about it (Same response as EB), but that when it does hit the database she will be ordering them in. I asked if she was getting them all, she said all 3. Which leads me to conclude that she knows that there are 3 SFIV accessories out there (THANK GOD SOMEONE OUT THERE KNOWS!). So coming back I decided, well maybe I’ll put in a pre-order now, cuz I found out about the places. But then I get home and what happens, Gamestop stopped their pre-orders. Here’s the thought that came into my mind after reading that:


That’s right, I pulled a joke from Russell Peters and called Gamestop a blowjob. It’s not like they can do anything about it anyways. So now I wait, and that’s all I can do. Wait. Wait for the Fighting Stick of Dreams and hope that it lands in the local stores around here. Also hoping no fucking scrubs just go out there and buy the last one only to fucking keep it in a god damn box and try to sell it over Usedwinnipeg or something.

So that’s my adventure for the past couple days. The other days have just been freezing cold weather and a dead workplace. Couldn’t have been any better, NOT!

In other news, the poster is practically done, it’s the fancy one out of the two I want to make. This is the final product of the poster. Feel free to copy it and print it. Or if you want, you can email me or message me and I’ll send you the PSD file for you to print out. Or at least a bigger JPEG. I do not know how it’s going to look on paper yet as I have not printed out a test copy. This poster uses a lot of color, so please, it’s preferred if you printed it in color. Right click and “Save Picture” or whatever it is in your browser.


You know it’s kind of weird that I state that I’m doing a “General Gaming Blog” yet all I talk about is Fighting games and SFIV. I did do some other things back in past blogs, but I guess with the release of SFIV soon next month, that’s all I can really think about and talk about. So I’m sorry if you’re sick of hearing about SFIV and the TE Stick, but in all honesty, it’s the biggest hype for me at this time.

I really don’t have much else to say, I’m gonna go off and freeze my butt off tomorrow at work.

James “Korea” Kim

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