Winterfest 2020 Results!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Winterfest this year! It was a huge success, and we are eternally grateful for the continued support from the community in Winnipeg!

Unfortunately due to a technical error we were unable to stream the event. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please see below for full results

Granblue Fantasy Versus

1st- BMeister

2nd- Lime

3rd- Braindead2000

4th- InfamousFraud

5th- KangDo

5th- RY

7th- CD| johnnyworms

7th- Sly

9th- COS

9th- Slater

9th- Reg

9th Lexu

13th- Kaminski

13th- KiryuGamingX

13th- cril

Winterfest GBFV top 3

Dragon Ball FighterZ

1st- ChpDmgKiefer

2nd- Bumbasnuff

3rd- SoloLeveling

4th- Sunny

5th- InfamousFraud

5th- Jimmy

7th- Warmmilk

7th- RY

9th- KangDo

9th- John

9th- KooKoo

9th- SFP| Sass-Chan

13th- KiryuGamingX

13th- Bepsi

13th- CD| johnnyworms

Winterfest DBFZ top 3

SoulCalibur VI

1st- Bepsi

2nd- KangDo

3rd- Braindead2000

4th- Dean

5th- InfamousFraud

5th- Sly

7th- Kimorchi

Winterfest SC6 top 3

Tekken 7

1st- KnightSwolaire

2nd- Sanatozaki

3rd- lakota

4th- InfamousFraud

5th- Deman9

5th- RY

7th- SFP| Sass-Chan

7th- Dean

9th- Arcandost

9th- Braindead2000

9th- NotMango

9th- Ryan De Leon

Winterfest Tekken 7 top 3

Street Fighter V

1st- Bumbasnuff

2nd- InfamousFraud

3rd- KnightSwolaire

4th- RY

5th- CD| johnnyworms

5th- Kaminski

7th- Kimorchi

7th- Arcandost

9th- SFP| Sass-Chan

9th- NotMango

Winterfest SFV top 3

Guilty Gear Xrd REV2

1st- BMeister

2nd- Braindead2000

3rd- Lime

4th- KangDo Winterfest Guilty Gear top 4

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