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That Summer Tournament 8!

TST_VIII_Poster (1)

We’re happy to present TST8. Hope to see you all at the Smartpark Event Centre on August 24th and 25th. Please visit our forums discussion on the upcoming event. Keep checking back at our TST8 page for announcements and changes. Start training and get ready for our biggest tournament of the year!


Fight for the Future 2013 Results and Videos!

First off the winner is Dream factory as we raised $560 for them.  That’s the highest total we’ve raised since we started doing this.  So thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a big success.  Its a long way from the days when we could get around 250 or so.  So everyone who came out give yourself a pat on the back.  We did good.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1. Precision
2. Keifer
3. Matty
4. Kevin
T5. Jeff, Jericho
T7. Matt, Justen
T9.  Joseph, James H, Eric A, Jo
T13. Mark, Jerson

Injustice:Gods among us

1. Keifer
2. David
3. Tyler
4. Branden
T5. Steffan, Matty
T7. Trent, James H
T9. Justen, Joseph, Rob, Johnny

Persona 4 Arena

1. Justen
2. Stu
3. Chris
4. Branden
T5. Alex, Trent
T7. Brian

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1. Curtis
2. Dimitri
3. Tyler
4. Jason
T5. Karel, Steffan
T7. James H, David
T9. Alex


1. Graeme
2. Jo
3 Mark
T4. Jules
T5. Nat, Matty
T7. Jerson, Jason
T9. David, James H, Stu

Blazblue CSE

1. Jason
2. Alex
3. Stu
4. Trent
5. Chris

Soul Calibur V

1. Jason
2. Anthony
3. Jules
4. David
T5. Tyler, Curtis
T7. Steffan, James H
T9. Alex

Super Street Fighter 4 AE ver. 2012

1. Graeme
2. Jericho
3. Robin
4. Duong
T5. James K, James H
T7. David, Andrew
T9. Mark, Nat, Jo

Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus

1. Curtis
2. Justen
3. Jo
4. Chris
T5. Brian, Nat
T7. Stu, Alex
T9. Trent, James H

King of Fighters XIII

1. Jericho
2. Graeme
3. Matty
4. Steffan
T5. James H, Tyler
T7. David, Nat


Here’s the video playlist of the recorded footage from FFTF 2013!

Thanks again for coming out and supporting a great cause.  See you guys at TST8 on August 24-25th for ChipDamage’s biggest tournament of the year!


BaseLan 25 videos

Here’s a playlist of all of the videos recorded from BaseLan 25!

The FFTF 2013 videos will be uploaded soon! =D


Baselan 25 Results

Street Fighter Ex 2

2. Jericho
T3. David, Steffan
T5. Jo, Duong, Jules, James

Street Fighter 3:3rd strike

1. Shane
2. Steffan
3. Jo
4. James
T5. Jericho, Graeme
T7. Jules, Matty
T9. Nat, Tyler, Eric H

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Singles

1. Eumir
2. Rafael
3. Vincent
4. Curtis
T5. Dimitri, Jason
T7. Tyler S, Karel
T9. Andy, James, Nat

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pair play

1. Eumir/Alex
2. James/Curtis
T3. Rafael/Nat, Dmitri/Andy
T5. Vincent/David, Jason/Steffan

Injustice: Gods among us

1. Tyler S
2. Keifer
3. David
4. Sandeep
T5. Andy, Jules
T7. Stu, Steffan
T9. Matty, Eric S, Justen, James
T13. Johnny, Eric H, Curtis

Guilty Gear Accent Core

1. Brian
2. Jo
3. Curtis
4. Chris P
T5. Nat, Stu
T7. Tyler S, Steffan

Mortal Kombat 9

1. Tyler S
2. David
3. Shane
4. James
T5. Steffan, Curtis
T7. Tyler, Andy

Vampire Savior

1. Jules
2. Keifer
T3. Curtis, James
T5. Nat, Steffan, Stu, Matty

King of Fighters 13

1. Jericho
2. Graeme
3. James
4. Steffan
T5. Tyler S, Jules
T7. David, Nat
T9. Tyler

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams

1. TTT
2. Aw fuck it
3. Money INC.
4. AT&T
T5. When’s DC, Mad Robbots
T7. Lets have faith, Team BRZ
T9. Lets all fight together

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom3 Singles

1. Akida
2. Sandeep
3. Keifer
4. Lovell
T5. Erick S, Matty
T7. Russel, BMike
T9. James, Evan, Jericho, Jules
T13. Joseph, Tyler S, Adrian, Jeff
T17. Tito, Rain, Jo, Eric H, Rommel, Matty J, Paul C, Vinny
T23. Justen

Virtua Fighter 5

1. James
2. Curtis
3. Jules
4. Jason
T5. Tyler S, Steffan
T7. Matty, David
T9. Stu

Soul Calibur

1. Jason
2. Anthony
3. James H
4. Jules
T5. Curtis, Steffan
T7. Tyler S, Alex
T9. Tyler L, Graeme C, David

Persona 4 Arena

1. Justen
2. Stu
3. Jo
4. Alex
T5. Keiffer, Chris
T7. Brian, Steffan
T9. Jason

Street Figher x Tekken

1. Graeme H
2. Tyler S
3. Jericho
4. David
T5. Sandeep, Jo
T7. Steffan, Robin
T9. Matty, Paul, Jared, Curtis
T13. Russel, Graeme C, Dylan, Tyler L

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

1. Shane
2. Graeme
3. Adrian
4. Jericho
T5. Duong, Steffan
T7. Tyler, David
T9. Paul, Rommel


1. Jason
2. Alex
3. Keiffer
4. Stu
T5. Chris, Curtis
T7. Paul, Andy

Super Street Figher 4 2012 Arcade Edition

1. Graeme H
2. Shane
3. Evan
4. Robin
T5. Kiet, Jericho
T7. Mack, James
T9. Rain, BMike, Vinny, Matty J
T13. Bobby, Russel, David, Tito
T17. Eric H, Akida, Sean, Chad, Jules, Jo, Tyler
T23. AJ


1. Kareem
2. Graeme
3. Duong
4. Michael
T5. Jason, Ryan, Van, Kevin
T9. Brockavich, Jules, Kendal Shirtlif, James H, Sebula, Paul, Tbonesar, Radiguard
T17. Graeme C, Jared, Commander Santa, Kiwi, Curtis, Brandon Hamilton, Union 1, William Curry


March 2 Battle 2013 Results!

Bet you guys never thought this would be updated again eh?  It’d be Kiefer time all the time every time, but think not!  Here are the results of our latest tournament with video playlist at the bottom!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3(32 entries)

1. Matty
2. Keifer
3. Lovell
4. BMike
T5. Akida, Jericho
T7. Graeme, Steven
T9. Branden, Precision, Enrico, Olazfrit
T13. Tyler, Kevin, Sandeep, Blazing
T17. Jon, Eric, Justen, Paul, Jordan, Russel, James, Phil
T25. Tyson, Jeff, Joseph, Matt, Mike, Steffan, Andrew, Cree

Super Street Fighter 4 (20 entries)

1. Graeme
2. Jericho
3. Rain
4. Kiet
T5. Dalton, James
T7. Lovell, Paul
T9. Ehsan, Karel, Matt, David
T13. Andrew, Eric, Sean, Andy
T17. Robin, Mack, Cree

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (11 entries)

1. Eumir
2. Curtis
3. Dimitri
4. Steffan
T5. Jason, Tyler
T7. James, Andy
T9. Precision, David, Karel

Soul Calibur V(10 entries)

1. Jason
2. Anthony
3. Jules
4. Alex
T5. Branden, Andy
T7. Keifer, Curtis
T9. Steffan, Tyler

Guilty Gear Accent Core(9 entries)

1. Brian
2. Curtis
3. Cree
4. James
T5.  Andy, Alex
T7. Joquin, Tyler
T9. Chris

King of Fighters XIII(9 entries)

1. Jericho
2. Matty
3. Steffan
4. James
T5. David, Graeme
T7. Branden, Tyler
T9. Keifer

Thanks everyone for coming out.  This was a great event and hope everyone had a lot of fun.

A playlist of the videos recorded (minus GG which will soon be uploaded) can be found below.

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