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Chipdamage Niche Tournament (Jan. 30, 2016)

We will be kicking off 2016 with a Chipdamage Niche tournament at the end of January.  Come out and play some new and old favorites that haven’t been seen on our roster in quite a while!

Game Lineup and Schedule:
2:00 Street Fighter X Tekken .ver 2013 (PS3)

3:00 Capcom vs SNK 2 (PSN downloadable PS2 version for PS3)

3:30 Samurai Showdown 2 (Xbox 360)

4:00 Naruto: Clash of Ninja 1 (GC. We will switch to Clash of Ninja 4 or another version of the game if the community requests and can supply)

5:00 Soul Calibur 2 (HD version on PSN for PS3)

5:30 King of Fighters ’98 UM (Xbox 360)

6:30 Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS3. Could be Xbox 360 depending on what happens)

7:00 Melty Blood (Whatever version the community provides)

7:30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (PS3)

8:00 Vampire Savior (PS3)

Check out the facebook event page for all of the latest details!


Retro Gamers Unite 2015 Results!

Here’s the results for some of the classic fighting game we ran today!

SFII Top 4!


NYLT 2015 Tournament Footage!

Hey everyone here is the NYLT tournament footage!

Unfortunately there were some problems with the recording software so some of the footage was lost. This is what we were able to salvage.

See you guys at the next event!


TST9 Match footage!

Hey everyone check out the TST9 matches that we recorded from the tournament!  Sorry only some of the matches have commentary/ambiance to it.  See you all at the next event!


Chipdamage April Tournament footage

Here’s a YouTube playlist with all of the match footage recorded from the April Tournament. Sorry top 3 wasn’t recorded for every game!

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