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Winnipeg mixup #4: Jerome Fulgencio

Yeah I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been somewhat busy but mostly lazy. I did an interview with Jerome, he’s a relative newcomer to the scene and is someone who pretty much came out of nowhere to place really well at TST3 in 3rd Strike finishing 2nd with Norman in teams and tying for 5th in singles. He also placed 3rd at the SF4 Launch Tournament. He’s been doing a lot of practicing since. Without further ado, here is the interview:

100_1264Name: Jerome Fulgencio
Handle: AznDestiny

Which games do you play?

Jerome: I play Street Fighter IV, Super Turbo and 3rd strike. I have tried a lot of other games like Melty Blood, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear and the Alpha series.

How did you get into fighting games?

Jerome: I grew up in the states and lived near a lot of arcades where my uncle would take me almost every weekend

What was that like?

Jerome: It was really fun, I would play a lot of different games including some fighting games. And the arcades are always busy/ have people in them.

What made you decide to get into competitive gaming?

Jerome: Well I just wanted to be able to play street fighter with more variety of people besides just my friends. I never thought of it as competitive gaming at first. I just ended up starting to learn more strategies and found myself going to tournaments and playing online more.

What is your style of play?

Jerome: The style of play depends on the opponent I am playing against. I usually try to feel out how the opponent reacts when put into certain situations then I would apply that into the way I play.

Who is your favourite fighter and why?

Jerome: My favourite character would probably be Ken because he’s the only shoto out of the 3 (Ken,Ryu,Akuma) who actually has shoes in his Alternate costume.

What is your current favourite game and what is your goal for it?

Jerome: My current favourite fighting game right now is Street Fighter IV and my goal would be to get the combos right.

What is your long term goal?

Jerome: My long term goal would be to learn most of the characters so when I go into a match i know how to play them.

How do you go about practicing?

Jerome: I play ranked matches or find people that I lose to a lot and play against them. When you play ranked matches the points system makes you want to play your best all the time and gives you motivation. I also practice combos in training mode and try to get them right.

What is your biggest accomplishment been so far?

Jerome: Beating a lot of Zangiefs online and getting over 5000 Battle points.

I meant overall along with tournaments and what not.

Jerome: My biggest accomplishment overall would be doing pretty good in tournaments and learning Street Fighter IV in more detail such as frame data.

Anything else you’d like to say to the community?

Jerome: I think that more people should come out to tournaments, play more matches online against locals or fight players more skilled than them self. They will level up their game and get better.

Interview by: nYo


Capcom & The Future of Gaming


Time for the second round of DictatoR JayseR, where you listen to me complain as I give you updates with our community and the website. First up, Street Fighter IV.

As many of you have probably have noticed, the site has been dead quiet, content-wise, for the last few weeks. I wonder why? Personally, I blame Capcom… in a good way. Is blaming in a good way possible? Anyways, most of us here at Chip Damage have been investing a large amount of our free time in Street Fighter IV. It seems to be an investment that is worthwhile seeing how much attention this game has captured. 51 entries at our launch tournament is amazing! I’m not going to talk in-depth about the game. Over the past weeks, most of us here have disassembled and reassembled SF4 inside out, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We know the game has its flaws, its infinites and it’s typical things the devs should have done but, for what it is right now, it is close enough to perfect.

I find myself not wanting to play anything else but this game. For those that don’t know, I play M.Bison(Dictator) as my main and I’m fairly new to using stick and charge characters. So I’ve been working hard and having fun at the same time, trying to improve my Dictator. For those who wish to try their luck against me, feel free to hit me up on Xbox Live. My gamertag is Cynixx. I find it odd that, at this point, I have invested almost as much time into a fighting game as I have into Grand Theft Auto IV, sitting just under the 80 hour mark and nearly 800 matches played. Although, I’m sure many of you have played much more than I have.

residentevil5Resident Evil 5 is a game recently released by Capcom. If you’ve never heard of the series, you’ve been living under a rock. I have not yet had the chance to get this game and seem to be in no rush to do so. I will, at some point this year. I loved Code Veronica, but never had the chance to play Resident Evil 4, famed for being the best of series and one of the best video games ever made.

The problem I have with this game is the same problem I’ve had with previous RE titles, stopping to shoot. I have only played the demo and have not had the chance to play the game in its full glory. From what I’ve heard in reviews about how crap the inventory management is and retarded your A.I. companion(Sheva) is, I’m almost glad I haven’t yet. This would only add to the frustration of the game for me. So, yes, the game would be creating a more intense atmosphere for me, but in a very bad way. And I don’t care what anyone says, that it’s the way the series is, blah, blah, blah. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for a good RE game to come along where it doesn’t make me feel like a turret that has to be moved and deployed every 2 bloody seconds.

That’s more than enough of a rant against RE5. I could go on, but the beautiful graphics and the fact that it’s co-op make me love Capcom again. I could never hate them. Speaking of Capcom I’m wondering if they will go a month this year without releasing anything. 2009 is their year and, so far, they are on fire. SF4 followed by RE5 and, soon, Bionic Commando.

Bionic Commando is one of the few games I am very stoked about for this year. Why? Huge environments with post-apocalyptic, fast-paced gameplay. Did I mention that the game looks gorgeous? Honestly, I see this game, and I think that this is what Lost Planet should have been. The ability to swing at breakneck speeds from astonishing heights from almost anything is just pure amazing. This is probably one of Capcom’s games, like Dark Void that isn’t getting enough attention from the masses. People that were so obsessed with the release of SF4 and RE5 will, hopefully, now turn their attention to Bionic Commando, which just got a release date. I’m surprised, I wasn’t expecting this game until holiday of this year or later. The release date is closer than you think, just 7 weeks from now, the game will hit store shelves on May 19 for xbox360, PS3, and PC. Bionic Commando, Lost Planet 2, Dark Void, and Dead Rising 2 are all games we need to keep an eye on as they all look to be very promising. And we know they will all look amazing seeing as they all run on the same engine that RE5 runs on.

Speaking of game engines, a new one was just demonstrated at GDC(Game Developers Conference) this week. The previous iteration of this engine is known for its ground-breaking technology in graphics. That’s right, Crysis ran on it. It is the one and only CryEngine 2. Except I’m not talking about the 2nd version, I’m talking about the 3rd. Just yesterday, this engine was shown for the first time. The first thing I noticed is that edges on everything were jaggy, there was no antialiasing. It took me a second to realize they were showing the engine off on the PS3 and Xbox360. And even with those jagged edges, the engine looks more beautiful than ever.

You’re probably thinking they were just showing their usual, generic tropical island. Well, they were, but not only an island, a futuristic city with destructible environments, flush forests with pine trees and waterfalls that reminded me of a more dense, detailed Half-Life 2: Episode 2. They also showed some crazy medieval scene with a bridge being destroyed. CryEngine 3 looks to break the PC barrier by bringing the engine to the 360 and PS3 home consoles as well, optimizing the engine to run on these systems while keeping the graphics cutting-edge and still bringing new technology to the table such as more realistic lighting, better A.I., and “actual” destructible environments. To get a glimpse into where gaming is taking us on the technological side just makes me giddy with excitement.

The future of gaming is not all about advances in game graphics, with more and more games coming out every year, there are services to help us sort through and find the ones that are right for us. From the websites that introduce them to the services such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network/Store, and Steam that give it to us digitally. Digital content seems to be the next true medium for content delivery. Or is it? Digitally downloading games to our hard drives makes it much easier than physically going to a store to pick it up. Digital downloads have no limits, they are infinitely available. You don’t have to worry about them selling out. The real issue with digital content is size. Games are becoming bigger and bigger, averaging usually at least 5+GB in size now, some much larger. Having 120GB hard drives is eventually not going to cut it. Even 2TB won’t be enough to hold your entire library of games in the future.

This is where a new, innovative service comes into the picture. Onlive can be compared to a service like Steam in many ways. It has a friends list, you can download games digitally for a price. The similarities pretty much end there. You can download games digitally. This is the where Onlive really stands out. With them, you don’t actually download the game. Instead, apparently it’s a small file(maybe a few Kb) that enabled you to connect directly to their servers. This is the cool part. The games run off their servers and stream directly to you. If you’re having trouble picturing it, imagine what Netflix is doing with streaming moving on Xbox360, now imagine the same thing, but with games. Of course you will need a very good connection, they are saying 5mbps+ for a true HD experience. But if you have that amazing connection, but not a PC. You can buy a small box from Onlive whcih enables you to connect directly through any TV and stream/play games, and their fullest quality through their servers.

This idea sounds amazing on paper. But we have yet to see how well it pans out with such things as input lag, connection issues, etc. Honestly, I love this whole idea, and do think this is the future of gaming, but 10 years down the road when connection lag becomes nothing more than what you deal with on an LCD television now, this may turn into something bigger. Downloadable content will be the next new medium for now but, beyond that, I think Onlive has stumbled onto something.

On a completely different note, we’ve kicked off this whole Street Figher IV Gaming Night a few weeks ago, although we only just officially announced it last week. We’ve been getting very good feedback from it, with a whopping 26 entries last Friday. I hope all of you can make it out again this Friday. We’re treating this even sort of like a preliminary ranbats(ranking battles). Matt(ckasady) has this whole crazy points system complete with complex math to determine how many points each player gets based on how well they placed in the bracket.

I was thinking it would be nice to add a functionality to the site that incorporates these points gained from ranking battles into the site somehow, complete with a leaderboard and some other functionality. It’s a thought, and nothing more right now. It’s something that is definitely possible, and if it does roll out, it’ll roll out with the site redesign. Oh, didn’t I mention that already? Yeah, the website will be revamped in the summer. Not for awhile yet. Not until after the 1-year anniversary of ChipDamage.com(July 18). It’s apparent the Chip Damage is slowly becoming more than just a blogging site and the revamp will move away from being just a blogging site to something more. It will still have the whole blog concept like it does now, but will be less centralized around this area, instead focusing on all areas of the site, forums included. There’s really no details written in stone yet, it’s just more of a thought right now. Some design concepts may be shown later for the community to vote on. I’ll let you guys know what’s going on as it comes along. So sit tight and enjoy what we throw your way.

Almost forgot. A few weeks ago we introduced the beginning of our first video series “FocusATTACK” with episode 1 and episode 2. We are hoping to get episode 3 up on the site sometime within the next couple weeks highlighting details from the Street Fighter IV Gaming Night with more commentary from the Staff, as well as how we have adapted to Street Fighter IV since its release.

There’s plenty of news to look forward to in the near future, just stay tuned to ChipDamage.com for details on upcoming events including: BASELAN 17 and TSTIV.


FOCUSattack Episode 2: SFIV Launch Tournament

It’s been just over a week since the release of episode 1 which detailed our adventures on the Street Fighter IV release day. This episode moves ahead, taking place later in the same week at our Street Fighter IV Launch tournament, February 21, 2009.

This episode shows what our setups generally look like to the turn-out we had at the tournament as well as some of the thoughts from the staff and some of the community members. Unfortunately we had some interviews directly from the tournament with some of the players on their thoughts that were intended to be in this episode but, due to technical issues, that footage is currently unavailable. Hopefully we can get those interviews up at a later time.

The Street Fighter IV Launch Tournament was a huge success with some 51 entries!

  • A few notes before we get on with the show.
    • We would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the community.
    • Congratulations goes out to all those who made it into the top 16 and the Final 4:  ShinAkuma, Jo, Jerome, and nYo.
    • Special thanks to MACHINEINTERFACE.COM for providing the prizes for the tournament.
    • Special thanks to SHMICKMUSIC.COM for providing us with the music for this episode of FOCUSattack.

As the cameraman, I’ll apologize now for any shaky camera footage. I partially blame playing Street Fighter IV all day that my hands were so jittery.

This episode is 22:41 in length and streams in very high quality. The stream is made for internet connections with 2mbps or higher. If you have trouble streaming this episode, please let us know and we may upload a lower quality version for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the show!


Street Fighter 4 Launch Tournament Results


    • 1. Shane Fleury (Akuma)
    • 2. Jo Arcillia (Zangief and Guile for some reason)
    • 3. Jerome Fulgencio (Ryu and I think Ken)
    • 4. Duong Phu (Balrog)
    • T5. Kevin Lu, Jericho Monton
    • T7. Kiet Quach, John Pakasee
    • T9. Matt Lehotsky, David Hansana, James Kim, Allen
    • T13. Ken Gavina, Tyler G., Jerwin (DQ for leaving), Andrew
  • Pool A
    • Steffan Fields
    • Jo Arcillia
    • Curtis M.
    • Jason Lam
    • David Hansana
    • Joseph Wang
  • Pool B
    • Jayse Meyer
    • Keit Quach
    • Kyle Taylor
    • Mitch Frencisco
    • Mike Lebanski
    • Tyler Gingras
  • Pool C
    • Duong Phu
    • Justin Fields
    • Kyle Scott
    • JR Dway
    • Clint Badger
    • Jericho Monton
  • Pool D
    • Karel Kahula
    • Graeme Howard
    • Ed Luenycote
    • Kevin Lu
    • Jon Pakseec
    • Jason Oliverera
  • Pool E
    • James Kim
    • Henry Quach
    • Trevor McCort
    • Jerwin Rumbana
    • Mike Bryant
    • Taylor Johnstone
  • Pool F
    • Matt Lehotsky
    • Ken Gavina
    • Craig Peeples
    • Oscar Quach
    • Trevor Mager
    • Christian Blanchard
    • Simon K.
  • Pool G
    • Tyler Sanderson
    • Henry Wong
    • Kevin Tieu
    • Chris Severino
    • Allen Leguna
    • John Pascual
    • Jerome Fulgencio
  • Pool H
    • Andrew K.
    • Sam Martz
    • Jerson Salas
    • Simon Lu
    • Steed Salas
    • Shane Fleury

A Message from nYo:
I’m not sure on the rest of the results for the tournament James if you still have all the pools and stuff please fill out the rest for me and for everyone else please correct us on the last names.

Wow what a fun day today was, I was expecting to have around 30-35 people for this tournament. We ended up getting I believe 51 entries into the touranment. There were probably about 65 people who came out to watch or get in some casual games. I hope you guys all enjoyed it cause it was a pleasure to have been a part of the staff to run this. I hope a lot of you guys came out and were inspired to get better.

I’d like to say that you were inspired to get better, is to keep playing the game. I love this game and will keep playing. If you guys want to keep playing it either setup your own gatherings in the thread we have cause again that thread isn’t just meant for me to say hey guys were gaming at my place today open invite. If you want to use it please do so.

Big props to the staff, James, Tyler, Matt and Jayse, look at all this potential we have here. Great isn’t it. Its gonna be a fun ride. Its great now that we have more a good amount of equipment we can use now for tournaments.We don’t have to rely on others as much.

Although the finals may have been boring to watch, if I were in that situation I’d have done the same thing. We’re playing to win not win the crowd over. Gotta admit it was fun counting the fireballs though. So props to Shane for winning and to Jo for putting up a good fight.

To everyone else that showed up, I would have liked to talk to more of you but there were a lot of you around. I saw a lot of people having fun and enjoying themselves. The game is a lot better when you have more people to play. The more people in the scene playing the better we all get. So if you’re interested in learning the game please do so cause I’d like our scene to be able to compete with other scenes. We have the talent, so lets make a name for ourselves.

Special thanks goes out to Ariel for providing us with prizes. We didn’t intend to have any prizes but he stepped up and donated us prizes and a lot of them he did too. If you guys liked what you saw visit his site.

To those asking we will have ranbats, we technically had a mini one a few nights friday night. When we gather if we have enough people to run a ranbat we will do so. Just show up. If we get 8 people we’ll run one. We’ll do it this way for now till the summer and see which day is ideal then.

For those interested, next SF4 tournament willl most likely be at baselan. It takes place May 15-17.Up your game and practice up.

View and Discuss original post here.

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