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Baselan 18: November 13-15

Baselan 18

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Baselan is back again, and once again we will be running the usual along with a new game, Tekken 6!
Here’s the list of official tournaments we are running

Those are the official games we are running. All of which will most likely take place on Saturday. Due to player demand, we’ll also be hosting a 3v3 team tournament on Friday (15$ per team) as well as an SF2 Hyper Fighting tournament. If enough people decide to show up for Friday evening or stick around on Saturday and there’s enough interest, we’ll also see what else we can run.

Here’s the list of PC games that are being held:

Schedule of Events

  • PC
    • Counter-Strike: Source
      • Friday: 6:00pm-12:00am(midnight)
      • Saturday: (noon)12:00pm-Complete
    • Left 4 Dead:
      • Saturday: 6:00pm
    • Company of Heroes:
      • Friday: 8:00pm
    • Dawn of War 2:
      • Runs all weekend
  • Console
    • Guitar Hero 5
      • Friday 8pm
    • Halo 3
      • Saturday 12:00pm
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee
      • Saturday: 2:00pm
    • Street Figther IV – 3v3
      • Friday: 8:30pm
    • Street Fighter IV – Singles
      • Saturday: 4:00pm
    • Tekken 6
      • Saturday: 7:00pm
  • Location
  • Earl Grey Community Club
  • 360 Cockburn Ave. N

Comic Con SF4 Results & Match Vids

  • 1st. Shane Fleury (Asus Smart Phone)
  • 2nd. Vinh Lam (10 Man Session at Xtreme Tactics)
  • 3rd. Michael Badejo (CBit Gift Card)
  • 4th. David Hansana
  • T5th. James Kim, Jo Arcilla
  • T7th. Rain Untalan, Tyler Sanderson
  • T9th. Steffan Fields, Duong Phu, Nathan, Kiet Quach
  • T13th. John Paksec, Jayse Meyer, Jon Faustino, Matthew Lehotsky
  • T17th. Andrew Kielbwycz, James Howard, James Scully, Mark Arcilla, Izzy, Brain, Jeffrey, Chris M
  • T25th. Henry Wong, Karel Kahula, Kellen Scrivens, Curtis Manoaisk, Justin Ross, Manny, Alicia

C4 2009 Matches
(click banner to see match vids)

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Central Canada Comic Con: SF4 Tournament


Central Canada Comic Con 2009
October 31st – November 1st
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Street Fighter IV Tournament Details
    • Date:
      Oct. 31st
    • Location:
      Winnipeg Convention Centre (375 York Ave.)
    • Tournaments:
      Street Fighter IV
    • Time:
      1:00pm (be there as early as possible because we will have a curfew this time)
    • Entry Fee:
      $12.00 for admission into the convention. (subject to change)
      $10.00 for the tournament. (subject to change)
    • Prizes:
      1st – Asus Smart Phone (Valued at 400 dollars)
      2nd – 10 man session at Xtreme Tactics (valued at 300 dollars)
      3rd – $50 Dollar gift cert. to CBiT
  • Let it be known that this Saturday will be til 6PM only as we’re getting kicked out then. If you want to show up for casuals and stuff on Sunday, feel free, as the volunteers and coordinators must be there on Sunday as well. Sunday is also a good time to get autographs and photos with the guests. We should be staying only til 3PM or so on Sunday. So please feel free to show up.

For full details on the entire Comic-Con event, visit: http://www.cccomiccon.com/


TST IV Results & Matches

TST IV Media MatchesClick the banner to see all matches from TST IV


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (12 entries)

  • 1. Andrew K(Ken)
  • 2. Steffan Fields(Alex)
  • 3. Matt Lehotsky(Ken)
  • 4. Duong Phu(Ryu)
  • T5. Karel(Hugo), Jo
  • T7. James(Dudley), Mark
  • T9. Justin, Jayse, Rex, Kyle

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (14 entries)

  • 1. Merlin Sinclair(Honda, Chun)
    2. Duong Phu(Balrog, Ryu)
    3. Tyler Sanderson(Ryu)
    4. Jo Arcilla(Honda)
    T5. Phillip(Guile), Adrian(Bison, DJ)
    T7. Shane(Sagat), Graeme(Honda, Balrog)
    T9. Jayse(Bison), James(Bison), Matt(Vega), Steffan(Blanka)
    T13 Mark, Karel

Super Smash Brothers Melee (16 entries)

  • 1. Wilson Tieu
    2. Russel Racca
    3. Janos Saluta
    4. Graeme Howard
    T5. William Giang, Kio
    T7. Nico Racca, Tyler H
    T9. Darcy, Sebastian, Kevin, Jamie
    T13. Anthony, Roy, Rex, AJ

Street Fighter 4 Teams (16 teams/32 players)

  • 1. Duong(Balrog)/Shane(Akuma)
    2. Jerome(Ryu)/Merlin(Balrog)
    3. Jo(Zangeif)/Mark(Fei)
    4. Tyler(Ryu)/Rain(Sagat)
    T5 Bmike(Cammy)/Charles(Balrog), Simon(Sagat)/Manny(Ryu)
    T7. Steffan(Honda)/James(Bison), Kyle(Blanka)/Kio(Vega)
    T9. Tim(Ryu)/Karel(Seth), Izzy(Fuerte)/Joe(Zangief), Jon F(Chun)/David(Balrog), Nathan(Balrog)/Rex(Zangeif)
    T13. Matt(Sim)/Jayser(Bison), Kiet(Vega)/Pakman(Rufus), Justin(Ryu)/Henry(Gouken), Jozel(Ryu)/Andrew(Ken?)

BlazBlue (14 players)

  • 1. Brandon(Rachel)
    2. Elvin(Jin)
    3. Jo(Tager)
    4. Merlin(Tager)
    T5 Graeme(Taokaka), Jeff(Jin)
    T7. Tyler(Jin), Curtis(Litchi)
    T9. John(Rachel, V13), Henry(Rachel), Jason(Hakumen), David(Noel)
    T13. Steffan(Taokaka), Mark(Bang)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Vanilla) (8 players)

  • 1. Shane(O.Sagat)
    2. Tyler(Ryu)
    3. Merlin(Honda)
    4. Duong(Balrog, Ryu)
    T5 Steffan, Jo(Honda)
    T7. Matt(Vega), Mark

Street Fighter 4 (Singles) (30 players)

  • 1. Shane(Akuma)
    2. Simon(Sagat)
    3. Rain(Ryu, Sagat, Ken)
    4. Jo(Zangief)
    T5th. Merlin(Balrog), Jerome(Sagat, Ryu)
    T7th. Duong(Balrog, Ryu, Honda), B. Mike(Cammy, Guile)
    T9th. Jozel(Ryu), Steffan(Honda, Abel), Nathan(Balrog), John F(Chun)
    T13th. Graeme(Balrog), Andrew(Chun, Ken), James(Bison), Kio(Vega)
    T17th. David(Balrog), Matt(Sim), Brian, Jayse(Bison), Kevin, Kiet(Vega, Guile), Kyle(Blanka), Chad(Ken)
    T25th. Mark(Fei), Rex(Zangeif), Tim Ho, Tyler(Ryu), William(Ryu), Pakman(Rufus)

Driven 2009 – SF4 Results & Matches

DRIVEN 2009 Media MatchesDriven 2009 Street Fighter IV matches have been added to the media section. You can check them out below or by clicking here.

  • Results:
    • 1st. Shane Fleury – $300
      2nd. Jerome Fulgencio – $150
      3rd. Jo Arcilla – $50

      4th. Michael Badejo
      T5th. Kiet Quach, Rain Untalan
      T7th. Duong Phu, Jon Pascual
      T9th. Jozel Hibi, Steffan Fields, Jamie M., Jerwin Rumbana
      T13th. JR Grande, David Hansana, Jon Paksec, Jayse Meyer
      T17th. Ben Andrad, Matt Lehotsky, Chad, Andrew Kielbwycz, Mitchell Francisco, Karel Kahula, Christian Valete, James Kim
      T25th. Bryson Cenidoza, Justine Schadek, William Giang, Randolph Lagman, Joe Camia, Terrance Matthes, Mark Arcilla, Tyler Sanderson
  • A word from James “Korea” Kim,
  • I’d like to say that I’m glad we had such a good turnout for this tournament. It went really well, good stuff to Shane, Jerome, Jo, and B. Mike for placing top 4 respectively. The Driven crew was very impressed as to how organized we were in terms of setting up, running, and taking down all the stuff. They will probably be asking us to do it again next year with a few more games involved.
  • I’d like to thank my fellow staff members for helping out with their normal roles of running brackets, setting up and finding people when we needed them.
  • Thanks to all the participants who showed up. Hope to see you guys at TST IV!

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