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Baselan 18: November 13-15

Baselan 18

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Baselan is back again, and once again we will be running the usual along with a new game, Tekken 6!
Here’s the list of official tournaments we are running

Those are the official games we are running. All of which will most likely take place on Saturday. Due to player demand, we’ll also be hosting a 3v3 team tournament on Friday (15$ per team) as well as an SF2 Hyper Fighting tournament. If enough people decide to show up for Friday evening or stick around on Saturday and there’s enough interest, we’ll also see what else we can run.

Here’s the list of PC games that are being held:

Schedule of Events

  • PC
    • Counter-Strike: Source
      • Friday: 6:00pm-12:00am(midnight)
      • Saturday: (noon)12:00pm-Complete
    • Left 4 Dead:
      • Saturday: 6:00pm
    • Company of Heroes:
      • Friday: 8:00pm
    • Dawn of War 2:
      • Runs all weekend
  • Console
    • Guitar Hero 5
      • Friday 8pm
    • Halo 3
      • Saturday 12:00pm
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee
      • Saturday: 2:00pm
    • Street Figther IV – 3v3
      • Friday: 8:30pm
    • Street Fighter IV – Singles
      • Saturday: 4:00pm
    • Tekken 6
      • Saturday: 7:00pm
  • Location
  • Earl Grey Community Club
  • 360 Cockburn Ave. N

Newegg Wanfest Online Gaming Tournament ($25,000 in Prizes!)

Registration closes June 26 @ 8:00pm CST.

Cited from http://wanfest.newegg.com/

  • Newegg is back with the Summer Wanfest series of online tournaments sponsored by AMD, with over $25,000 in prizes up for grabs! The Newegg Wanfest events are FREE to compete in and are open to everyone living in the United States or Canada. Sign-up now for your chance to compete in the following events:
    • NHL ’09 (1v1) on Xbox 360 starts June 29th
    • Street Fighter IV (1v1) on Xbox 360 starts June 29th
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 (5v5) on PC starts July 6th
    • Dawn of War 2 (1v1) on PC starts July 6th
    • Gears of War 2 (4v4) on Xbox 360 starts July 13th
    • Left 4 Dead (4v4) on PC starts July 13th
  • Remember, registration is FREE! Don’t miss out on the action, check out some of the prizes up for grabs, and sign-up now for all the events!

The prize for SF4 is $1,250.00! There’s already some 300+ entrants, so make sure to get in on this.
To sign up, visit: http://wanfest.newegg.com


Thumbs Down To A Few Things – Korea

Hello, again. Nice of you all to join me on this day. On time with this blog, thank you, thank you! So there are a few things that I’ve read about during the week that have kinda have made me think “Thumbs Down to that”.

I personally want to start with the whole Bethesda thing and with Fallout 3. They recently have announced on their site and the Fallout official web page that the PC and X360 versions of the game will be getting updates and patches as well as the new expansions. Apparently it was announced also before the games release that the PS3 version would not be getting expansions. Does this make me angry? Normally, yes it would. Considering I spent my time trading in my games and pay 13 dollars to get the game. Spend 40+ hrs on finishing the game and stuff. I’d like to see some expansions. But alas, I don’t get any and I’m not really that angry. Since I know Bethesda was just doing their job and that Microsoft just offered a lot more money than Sony did. Thumbs down to the decision to never release it on the PS3 even before the game was released on the console.

If they decide to release some sort of things like Oblivion, I’ll probably trade in my copy for a used copy of it. I won’t be boycotting Bethesda for this decision, but I’m slightly disappointed.

Next I’d like to say “Thumbs Down” to sore losers in HD Remix. You know the ones that call you a bitch or cheesy or just drop the game while you have them in the third rep of a noogie trap (That jerk!). Sure it’s fun to make them rage quit and taunt you, but come on. Don’t be a complete and utter sore loser and take it out on a note. You’re just saying that stuff because you’re safe behind your TV/Monitor. If you saw a 5 foot 10 Korean guy who’s kinda chunky playing you, would you say that? I don’t think you would. (This part does not apply to the people I play locally).

I haven’t been playing too much lately, trying to put in Resistance 2 into my PS3, but it always just pops out and in goes Fallout 3 again. Wow, that addicting! Don’t get me wrong Resistance 2 is a good game, but I think I’ll enjoy it with an HD screen and playing it on 720p.

Last Saturday was a great time for a majority of us since we actually got to test out the system link for Left 4 Dead. Let me tell you, you NEED two HD screens, the horizontal split kinda sucked ass. We must have stayed on there for like 3-4 hours trying to beat No Mercy on Advanced (At least that’s what it seemed like). I vote for next time that we try a tactic like this or this (The latter one requires sniper skills!) Good stuff though. We need to do it more.

Anyways I’m pretty much done with this article, I’ve probably missed out on a few things that I wanted to talk about. But I’ll leave that for later. As for gatherings, I think something is going down on Saturday or something or maybe Friday, depends on what’s going on. Drop us a line or something in the Gatherings Thread on the forums. Well I’m out, GGPO players.

James “Korea” Kim

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