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TST IV Results & Matches

TST IV Media MatchesClick the banner to see all matches from TST IV


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (12 entries)

  • 1. Andrew K(Ken)
  • 2. Steffan Fields(Alex)
  • 3. Matt Lehotsky(Ken)
  • 4. Duong Phu(Ryu)
  • T5. Karel(Hugo), Jo
  • T7. James(Dudley), Mark
  • T9. Justin, Jayse, Rex, Kyle

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (14 entries)

  • 1. Merlin Sinclair(Honda, Chun)
    2. Duong Phu(Balrog, Ryu)
    3. Tyler Sanderson(Ryu)
    4. Jo Arcilla(Honda)
    T5. Phillip(Guile), Adrian(Bison, DJ)
    T7. Shane(Sagat), Graeme(Honda, Balrog)
    T9. Jayse(Bison), James(Bison), Matt(Vega), Steffan(Blanka)
    T13 Mark, Karel

Super Smash Brothers Melee (16 entries)

  • 1. Wilson Tieu
    2. Russel Racca
    3. Janos Saluta
    4. Graeme Howard
    T5. William Giang, Kio
    T7. Nico Racca, Tyler H
    T9. Darcy, Sebastian, Kevin, Jamie
    T13. Anthony, Roy, Rex, AJ

Street Fighter 4 Teams (16 teams/32 players)

  • 1. Duong(Balrog)/Shane(Akuma)
    2. Jerome(Ryu)/Merlin(Balrog)
    3. Jo(Zangeif)/Mark(Fei)
    4. Tyler(Ryu)/Rain(Sagat)
    T5 Bmike(Cammy)/Charles(Balrog), Simon(Sagat)/Manny(Ryu)
    T7. Steffan(Honda)/James(Bison), Kyle(Blanka)/Kio(Vega)
    T9. Tim(Ryu)/Karel(Seth), Izzy(Fuerte)/Joe(Zangief), Jon F(Chun)/David(Balrog), Nathan(Balrog)/Rex(Zangeif)
    T13. Matt(Sim)/Jayser(Bison), Kiet(Vega)/Pakman(Rufus), Justin(Ryu)/Henry(Gouken), Jozel(Ryu)/Andrew(Ken?)

BlazBlue (14 players)

  • 1. Brandon(Rachel)
    2. Elvin(Jin)
    3. Jo(Tager)
    4. Merlin(Tager)
    T5 Graeme(Taokaka), Jeff(Jin)
    T7. Tyler(Jin), Curtis(Litchi)
    T9. John(Rachel, V13), Henry(Rachel), Jason(Hakumen), David(Noel)
    T13. Steffan(Taokaka), Mark(Bang)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Vanilla) (8 players)

  • 1. Shane(O.Sagat)
    2. Tyler(Ryu)
    3. Merlin(Honda)
    4. Duong(Balrog, Ryu)
    T5 Steffan, Jo(Honda)
    T7. Matt(Vega), Mark

Street Fighter 4 (Singles) (30 players)

  • 1. Shane(Akuma)
    2. Simon(Sagat)
    3. Rain(Ryu, Sagat, Ken)
    4. Jo(Zangief)
    T5th. Merlin(Balrog), Jerome(Sagat, Ryu)
    T7th. Duong(Balrog, Ryu, Honda), B. Mike(Cammy, Guile)
    T9th. Jozel(Ryu), Steffan(Honda, Abel), Nathan(Balrog), John F(Chun)
    T13th. Graeme(Balrog), Andrew(Chun, Ken), James(Bison), Kio(Vega)
    T17th. David(Balrog), Matt(Sim), Brian, Jayse(Bison), Kevin, Kiet(Vega, Guile), Kyle(Blanka), Chad(Ken)
    T25th. Mark(Fei), Rex(Zangeif), Tim Ho, Tyler(Ryu), William(Ryu), Pakman(Rufus)

Driven 2009 – SF4 Results & Matches

DRIVEN 2009 Media MatchesDriven 2009 Street Fighter IV matches have been added to the media section. You can check them out below or by clicking here.

  • Results:
    • 1st. Shane Fleury – $300
      2nd. Jerome Fulgencio – $150
      3rd. Jo Arcilla – $50

      4th. Michael Badejo
      T5th. Kiet Quach, Rain Untalan
      T7th. Duong Phu, Jon Pascual
      T9th. Jozel Hibi, Steffan Fields, Jamie M., Jerwin Rumbana
      T13th. JR Grande, David Hansana, Jon Paksec, Jayse Meyer
      T17th. Ben Andrad, Matt Lehotsky, Chad, Andrew Kielbwycz, Mitchell Francisco, Karel Kahula, Christian Valete, James Kim
      T25th. Bryson Cenidoza, Justine Schadek, William Giang, Randolph Lagman, Joe Camia, Terrance Matthes, Mark Arcilla, Tyler Sanderson
  • A word from James “Korea” Kim,
  • I’d like to say that I’m glad we had such a good turnout for this tournament. It went really well, good stuff to Shane, Jerome, Jo, and B. Mike for placing top 4 respectively. The Driven crew was very impressed as to how organized we were in terms of setting up, running, and taking down all the stuff. They will probably be asking us to do it again next year with a few more games involved.
  • I’d like to thank my fellow staff members for helping out with their normal roles of running brackets, setting up and finding people when we needed them.
  • Thanks to all the participants who showed up. Hope to see you guys at TST IV!

[tubepress mode=’playlist’, playlistValue=’479D418F62542C86′]


TST IV: Live IV the Fight (Aug 15-16)


This is it the big Winnipeg major! This is the tournament where you want to perform your best, well at least for the ones not going to Evo. Shane again is the top player to gun down in several games. Russel is the defending champ at TST but Wilson has been running through him in the past few tournaments. Can he finally come through and win the big one?

Those are some of the stories going into the event. Be sure to get in the practice and lets put on a show! With some of the new games coming out we are planning to run tournaments for them. The list is subject to change depending on what you guys want. Remember folks that this tournament doesn’t run without input from everyone. If enough people speak up we will do what we can to compensate for it. On to the details.

  • Entry Fee to Site: FREE
  • Rules can be found here.

Please keep in mind that things may change between now and TST in August, seem keep your eyes on here and on the original forum post for TST IV.

The schedule for TST can be found below.



Street Fighter IV Trailer – TGS 08

Yes, that’s right, the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is back already and you can bet yourself Capcom is there. And if Capcom is there, that means so is Street Fighter. It just so happens that they even released a trailer of Street Fighter IV for TGS 2008. Who knows what else Capcom might show at the event this year, but SF4 is a good start.

If you would like to see the trailer in HD, visit GameTrailers along with coverage of all games at this year’s TGS.

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New SF4 Gameplay (Japanese Vega vs. Seth)

A new video being put up today. Trying to get around to try and keep up with some of the gaming world and bring some of that news here.

Maybe not the best match to show, considering Seth is the boss in Street Fighter IV, but it is an interesting video nonetheless. After seeing this, I already hate Seth, just because I can’t tell if he’s wearing a speedo or anything at all for that matter.

So check out the vid below of Vega (better known as M.Bison here in North America) vs. Seth (Big bad bossman).

Hope you enjoyed that gameplay. Make sure to keep an eye at ChipDamage.com, for the new SF4 section coming soon.

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