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CDC – PrEvolution 2011 – Episode 11

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of CDC Radio, the official Chip Damage podcast featuring your hosts, James Hope Howard, Korea, and yayze.

I’m going to keep this simple this time. There may not be a podcast next week due to the fact that we will be in VEGAS BABY attending EVO 2011! GET HYPE! Get at me bro! Enjoy!

Listen in and check us out at http://ChipDamage.com and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/chipdamage. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below or shoot us an e-mail at chipdamagecontrol[at]gmail.com.

Links from this episode:

James Howard Blog: http://slurpeesandmurder.blogspot.com/
yayzeTV: http://www.yayze.tv

James Howard: http://twitter.com/jameshopehoward
Korea: http://twitter.com/jim_kim
Pak-man: http://twitter.com/paksorz
yayze: http://twitter.com/yayze

EVO: http://evo2k.com


RedParry Productions

That’s right, Chip Damage has spawned its own “RedParry Productions”. RedParry is a part of us that will be bringing you the media you want. This includes all the matches from TST III and for the first time ever, a trailer for the TST III tournament DVD.


Yes, you heard right, a trailer. But what for? A DVD? I’m sure you all know what we are about. And we want to expand the Winnipeg fighting game scene. It’s Winnipeg’s time to shine.

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