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TST IV Results & Matches

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Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (12 entries)

  • 1. Andrew K(Ken)
  • 2. Steffan Fields(Alex)
  • 3. Matt Lehotsky(Ken)
  • 4. Duong Phu(Ryu)
  • T5. Karel(Hugo), Jo
  • T7. James(Dudley), Mark
  • T9. Justin, Jayse, Rex, Kyle

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (14 entries)

  • 1. Merlin Sinclair(Honda, Chun)
    2. Duong Phu(Balrog, Ryu)
    3. Tyler Sanderson(Ryu)
    4. Jo Arcilla(Honda)
    T5. Phillip(Guile), Adrian(Bison, DJ)
    T7. Shane(Sagat), Graeme(Honda, Balrog)
    T9. Jayse(Bison), James(Bison), Matt(Vega), Steffan(Blanka)
    T13 Mark, Karel

Super Smash Brothers Melee (16 entries)

  • 1. Wilson Tieu
    2. Russel Racca
    3. Janos Saluta
    4. Graeme Howard
    T5. William Giang, Kio
    T7. Nico Racca, Tyler H
    T9. Darcy, Sebastian, Kevin, Jamie
    T13. Anthony, Roy, Rex, AJ

Street Fighter 4 Teams (16 teams/32 players)

  • 1. Duong(Balrog)/Shane(Akuma)
    2. Jerome(Ryu)/Merlin(Balrog)
    3. Jo(Zangeif)/Mark(Fei)
    4. Tyler(Ryu)/Rain(Sagat)
    T5 Bmike(Cammy)/Charles(Balrog), Simon(Sagat)/Manny(Ryu)
    T7. Steffan(Honda)/James(Bison), Kyle(Blanka)/Kio(Vega)
    T9. Tim(Ryu)/Karel(Seth), Izzy(Fuerte)/Joe(Zangief), Jon F(Chun)/David(Balrog), Nathan(Balrog)/Rex(Zangeif)
    T13. Matt(Sim)/Jayser(Bison), Kiet(Vega)/Pakman(Rufus), Justin(Ryu)/Henry(Gouken), Jozel(Ryu)/Andrew(Ken?)

BlazBlue (14 players)

  • 1. Brandon(Rachel)
    2. Elvin(Jin)
    3. Jo(Tager)
    4. Merlin(Tager)
    T5 Graeme(Taokaka), Jeff(Jin)
    T7. Tyler(Jin), Curtis(Litchi)
    T9. John(Rachel, V13), Henry(Rachel), Jason(Hakumen), David(Noel)
    T13. Steffan(Taokaka), Mark(Bang)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Vanilla) (8 players)

  • 1. Shane(O.Sagat)
    2. Tyler(Ryu)
    3. Merlin(Honda)
    4. Duong(Balrog, Ryu)
    T5 Steffan, Jo(Honda)
    T7. Matt(Vega), Mark

Street Fighter 4 (Singles) (30 players)

  • 1. Shane(Akuma)
    2. Simon(Sagat)
    3. Rain(Ryu, Sagat, Ken)
    4. Jo(Zangief)
    T5th. Merlin(Balrog), Jerome(Sagat, Ryu)
    T7th. Duong(Balrog, Ryu, Honda), B. Mike(Cammy, Guile)
    T9th. Jozel(Ryu), Steffan(Honda, Abel), Nathan(Balrog), John F(Chun)
    T13th. Graeme(Balrog), Andrew(Chun, Ken), James(Bison), Kio(Vega)
    T17th. David(Balrog), Matt(Sim), Brian, Jayse(Bison), Kevin, Kiet(Vega, Guile), Kyle(Blanka), Chad(Ken)
    T25th. Mark(Fei), Rex(Zangeif), Tim Ho, Tyler(Ryu), William(Ryu), Pakman(Rufus)

What Do You Fight 4?

I know there are a couple posts some of the other staff members here at Chip Damage want to put up that have been in “draft mode” for well over a month, maybe even longer. So I thought I’d pick a calm and quiet night just over ONE DAY before the release of the greatest game this year, “Street Fighter IV“(You’re damn right it’s almost here!), to tell you folks my heart-warming story of failure and rise-to-glory. Well, maybe not. But it is my story nonetheless.

I’d like to state something to all the casual players and players just starting out in fighting games. Although I am considered a part of the “staff” here at Chip Damage, this does not mean I am automatically some uber pro at any fighting game. I am merely in charge of the website. Although I do have a very strong interest in fighting games(mostly the Street Fighter franchise), I only joined the scene about two years ago.

Over two years ago, I played quite a bit of Super Smash Bros. Melee, but I never really played it competitively. Back then I was completely unaware there was a scene in Winnipeg for that sort of thing. Anyways, I eventually outgrew it and became bored with schooling 😛 the same friends over and over, so I just stopped playing. One night, months later, a few my friends had a LAN, basically where we bring all of our computers over to one place and play games all night.

One of my friends brought over Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Of course, being a gamer all my life, I was familiar with the series, I just never really played it, except a couple times in the arcade when I was just a little n00blet, Street Fighter 2 that is. So I picked up one of the PS2 pads and started mashing buttons. I found the animations very appealing and the ability to throw fireballs very satisfying. So we stayed up into the morning hours taking turns mashing buttons against each other. We were hooked.

Playing throughout the night, my friend starts telling me about guides online for all the characters and that there is this whole community out there and even huge events like Evo. I’m just blown away. I instantly wanted to be a part of this community, thinking one day I could be the top player. I checked out sites like Youtube for matches, and one of the first I come across was this:

I know most of you, if not all of you, have seen this video about a million times by now, but I was absolutely blown away the first time I saw it. At that time I didn’t really know the mechanics behind it. I didn’t even know that parrying was a mechanic in Third Strike or the exact definition of a combo within the confines of the game. After seeing that and playing all night, I began to learn more, like that arcade sticks were preferably used in figthing games over pads. So I went to Shoryuken and made a post asking about building my own arcade stick for the PS2. The next day, I received two PMs (Private Messages) on the forums from two different members, Korea & nYo. Two guys from SSGA, what Chip Damage was primarily called before the new website, along with a few others that held the community together at the seams.

These are the two guys who got me into the scene, invited me out to their gatherings, tournaments, and ranbats, and showed me the basic and more advanced ropes of playing the game. They are still teaching me to this very day.

In Third Strike, I use Ryu as my main. He was the first character I played and I just stuck to him. nYo showed me how to play him properly. I would go to their gatherings, sit in a damp concrete basement and rock Ryu for a few hours on the pad every now and then. And those are the moments I live for.

If I wasn’t playing Street Fighter with those guys, I was playing it in my other friend’s basement. We would play for hours on end. This is primarily how I learned the game. It’s always nice to have at least one other friend to learn the game with. And that’s part of the reason why we(Chip Damage) are here. We are all willing to teach and play with anyone who wants to come out and be part of something bigger.

To skip ahead a bit, after TST 2007, I left for Vancouver for school and stopped playing the game until I got back. So during a 6 month period I wasn’t advancing in skill. It wasn’t until about mid-2008 that I picked up the game again, just before this website went up. And I’ve been trying to make up for lost time ever since.

For the most part, that’s the gist of my story: short, simple and sweet. But what’s the point in me telling you all of this? Simple.

You have to ask yourself, “What do you fight for?”

I can guarantee you there are moments where you will get so frustrated and so angry with the game that you will yell out excuses and begin cursing at the game for existing. This happens to all of us. The last thing you want to do is quit. Take a breather and come back to the game later and try again. Never give up. Sure, we all play these games to have fun, but at some point, we are going to get frustrated to the point where you will want to quit. Afterall, where’s the fun in quitting? You need to get your ass handed to you on a silver platter over and over in order to learn from your mistakes. No one is pro right off the hop. Look at me, 2 years later, and I’m average at best. Your skill level isn’t the point. It’s the will. The will to become better. It’s about setting goals for yourself and sticking to them.

That is why I play and continue to play. That is why, for the last week I have been playing nothing but M.Bison(Dictator) in Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix. I do it to better myself, I always want to learn more. I do it because I know, one day, I’ll be able to go to Evo and put up a fight.

I know what it is to have that will. I don’t just play Street Fighter religiously, but also Quake 3 Arena (now Quake Live). I’ve been playing Quake 3 for almost a decade now, and competitively for almost 4 years. A decade later, and I still get schooled by the pros. The point is, that now, I stand a chance. I know how the game works in almost every way, and it’s all about bettering myself so I can achieve that goal. Afterall, isn’t that what life is all about? Achieving goals no matter how hard they are to reach?

In many ways, Street Fighter 4 will be my next Quake. I feel that playing Third Strike and HD Remix are all leading to Street Fighter 4. I won’t stop playing those other games by any means, but almost all my effort and will to be the best will go into that game, no matter how long it takes.

  • It doesn’t matter how hardcore or casual of a player you are when it comes to fighting games. It does not matter if you are a beginner. We all have to start somewhere. We encourage all players to join the scene.
    • Never Give Up
      Have the will to be something more, no matter how long the road to glory may be.
    • Set Goals
      And be sure to achieve them, no matter how ridiculous or far fetched.
    • Learn From Your Mistakes
      Analyze, watch matches, critique your own play style to better yourself.
    • Never Forget
      You always want to remember how it all started, your roots, and the basics. The basics never change.
    • Variety
      Sure, fighting your best friend over and over again will ultimately make you better at the game, but to an extent. You are basically learning to play effectively against one character and one play style. Mix it up.
    • Have Fun!
    • The game can be outright frustrating at times, so take a breather. The fun is in the challenge.

That pretty much sums it up for my massive rant.

On a side note, the Street Fighter 4 Launch Tournament is this Saturday. This is the beginning of something huge, so I better see you all there. I don’t want excuses like you have to work. Make it out, even if it’s just for an hour. Play some games, meet all of those who have poured so many hours, days, months, and years into the community.

Street Fighter 4 is being released in just over a day from this post (Wednesday, February 18, 2009). Pick up your copy before they sell out. This game is going to be huge! Make sure you stop by the Science Lounge at the UofM on Wednesday afternoon for some gaming sessions with the game.

Jayse “JayseR” Meyer


Thumbs Down To A Few Things – Korea

Hello, again. Nice of you all to join me on this day. On time with this blog, thank you, thank you! So there are a few things that I’ve read about during the week that have kinda have made me think “Thumbs Down to that”.

I personally want to start with the whole Bethesda thing and with Fallout 3. They recently have announced on their site and the Fallout official web page that the PC and X360 versions of the game will be getting updates and patches as well as the new expansions. Apparently it was announced also before the games release that the PS3 version would not be getting expansions. Does this make me angry? Normally, yes it would. Considering I spent my time trading in my games and pay 13 dollars to get the game. Spend 40+ hrs on finishing the game and stuff. I’d like to see some expansions. But alas, I don’t get any and I’m not really that angry. Since I know Bethesda was just doing their job and that Microsoft just offered a lot more money than Sony did. Thumbs down to the decision to never release it on the PS3 even before the game was released on the console.

If they decide to release some sort of things like Oblivion, I’ll probably trade in my copy for a used copy of it. I won’t be boycotting Bethesda for this decision, but I’m slightly disappointed.

Next I’d like to say “Thumbs Down” to sore losers in HD Remix. You know the ones that call you a bitch or cheesy or just drop the game while you have them in the third rep of a noogie trap (That jerk!). Sure it’s fun to make them rage quit and taunt you, but come on. Don’t be a complete and utter sore loser and take it out on a note. You’re just saying that stuff because you’re safe behind your TV/Monitor. If you saw a 5 foot 10 Korean guy who’s kinda chunky playing you, would you say that? I don’t think you would. (This part does not apply to the people I play locally).

I haven’t been playing too much lately, trying to put in Resistance 2 into my PS3, but it always just pops out and in goes Fallout 3 again. Wow, that addicting! Don’t get me wrong Resistance 2 is a good game, but I think I’ll enjoy it with an HD screen and playing it on 720p.

Last Saturday was a great time for a majority of us since we actually got to test out the system link for Left 4 Dead. Let me tell you, you NEED two HD screens, the horizontal split kinda sucked ass. We must have stayed on there for like 3-4 hours trying to beat No Mercy on Advanced (At least that’s what it seemed like). I vote for next time that we try a tactic like this or this (The latter one requires sniper skills!) Good stuff though. We need to do it more.

Anyways I’m pretty much done with this article, I’ve probably missed out on a few things that I wanted to talk about. But I’ll leave that for later. As for gatherings, I think something is going down on Saturday or something or maybe Friday, depends on what’s going on. Drop us a line or something in the Gatherings Thread on the forums. Well I’m out, GGPO players.

James “Korea” Kim


Late Post, Yet Again?! Blame Fallout 3 – Korea

Jeez, I haven’t really been keeping up. This is ridiculous, guy who posts the mosts blogs and he’s falling behind. There are a few things that I guess I should cover this week. The big one would be:

Fight for the Future 2: Revived

This tournament went extremely well, all things considered. We set up pretty much like TST III, I’m very grateful to have a good team that runs things along side with me. Also, I’d like to thank Ariel from Machineinterface.com for giving us more prizes and making ours look like crap, just kidding. I’d like to thank everyone who came out, especially the newer players. I appreciate your support to the scene. I hope to see everyone in the next year where we’ll have at least 5-6 events planned. Especially with the new slew of games coming out.

I’d like to also say that the staff of the SSGA/Chipdamage.com did very well this tournament. Our final one of the year and we have Duong “nYo” Phu taking out Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury in ST for the number 1 spot, Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky getting 3rd in ST. Then in 3S we had Tyler “Kang” Sanderson and myself place in the top 4 (4th for Tyler, 2nd for me). Honorary member/staff Steffan Fields being able to do what he does best and placing top place in nearly every game. Awesome job you guys. For more results/videos and details, go the forums.

The other topic I’d like to discuss is the arrival of the long awaited:

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix

Wow, it took a very long time for this game to come out. I mean FOREVER. I’m thankful to have heard the news that the PS3 would be getting it before the X360 because of Thanksgiving on Thursday. My fellow staff members, sans Jayse, were able to gather together on Tuesday and play long hours of local gameplay of the game.

The game looks fantastic, with a few graphical flaws in my opinion, but otherwise great. The actual game is great fun, since the rebalanced mode really does change things. I was actually winning more games than I usually do in that game. It’s a great game to play online as well, many people to challenge and stuff, especially on PSN (People should head to the SRK PS3 boards to find challengers).

I honestly say that Dhalsim/Boxer/Dictator/Cammy are top on my list. Others have their own opinions, which is great since the game is still very much playable. Akuma kinda sucks now, but I guess it had to be done. Other than that I have nothing but praise for the game. Get it as soon as possible!

Finally, I’d like to discuss:

Nothing else really. I’ve been addicted to Fallout 3 and I’m pretty sure I’m almost done the game. With FFTF2 done I’m pretty much done with 3S as well. STHD Remix will pretty much what I learn for SFIV. I’m sure we’ll have more things to discuss about for our future. We do have things planned I’ll tell you that much. We’re also gonna be trying to get a podcast or something going locally. Simply because we just don’t see them that much around here. Okay, well I think that’s all. I’m gonna go back to Fallout 3, GGPO gamers.

James “Korea” Kim

P.S. I don’t know if we’re gathering this weekend, we probably are, but just make sure with Duong or something.


Fight for the Future 2 – NOVEMBER 22

Click here for directions to this event.

ChipDamage.com is proud to present Fight for the Future 2: Revived, a fund-raising fighting games tournament for a local charity, the Children’s Hospital.

Well, the first Fight for the Future II got canned, simply because of time and scheduling. So here’s the revival of it. This will be a fund-raising tournament, with most of the entry fees going towards a local charity yet to be decided on. The first one was a pretty good success since we raised 200 dollars from just 5 tournaments. This year, we’re hoping to raise a bit more with support from other players from around the nation/world.

Fight for the Future 2 Details:

Super Smash Bros. Melee: 2:00pm
Capcom vs. SNK2: 2:00pm
Super Street Fighter Turbo (HD-Remix if it’s out): 4:00pm
Street Fighter 3 – 3rd Strike: 6:00pm
Sould Calibur IV: 7:00pm

Location: Armes Building Science Lounge

Date: Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Entry to the venue is free. Entry per game is $5.00. If you pay for 3 tournaments ($15.00), you may enter a 4th free of charge.

The prize structure will be different as we will be doing a raffle and will have only 3 prizes for the 5 tournaments. It will go as follows:
Everyone who enters will get a predetermined amount of tickets for entering. The more games entered the more tickets they’ll receive. The more matches you win will earn you more tickets. You may then distribute your tickets amongst the prizes that will be available. This way, everyone will get a chance to win when we draw out the prizes. Prizes will most likely be something along the lines of gift cards from EB (Electronics Boutique), Futureshop, or something along those lines. If you do not wish to wait until the drawing occurs, be sure to leave your contact info and we’ll try to find a way to get the prize to you.

Drinks will be sold and proceeds will go to the charity as well.

To voice yourself, you can find the forum topic for this event here:

Article updated as of: November 21, 2008

Fight for the Future 2: Revived

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