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CDC – The Control Room – Episode 5

Welcome, listeners, to a another episode of Chip Damage Control, the official ChipDamage.com podcast. Recorded at the official Control Room of yayze’s secret lair.

This week, we finally get some peace and quiet, and a white board to better help us organize our time. How well does it workout? Well you’ll have to tune-in and find out!

In this episode we do the usual sharing of what we played over the last two weeks, how yayze is handling his sickness, and get the rundown on the podcast from the Pak-man himself!

Listen in and check us out at http://ChipDamage.com and follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/chipdamage.

Links from this episode:

James Howard Blog: http://slurpeesandmurder.blogspot.com/
yayzeTV: http://www.yayze.tv

James Howard: http://twitter.com/jameshopehoward
Korea: http://twitter.com/jim_kim
Pak-man: http://twitter.com/paksorz
yayze: http://twitter.com/yayze

Terraria: http://www.terraria.org/
The Witcher 2: http://www.en.thewitcher.com/
Half-Life: http://store.steampowered.com/app/70/
L.A. Noire: http://www.rockstargames.com.com/lanoire/
You Don’t Know Jack: http://www.youdontknowjack.com/
Age of Conan: http://www.ageofconan.com/
League of Legends: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/
Duke Nukem Forever: http://www.dukenukemforever.com/
Just Cause 2: http://www.justcause.com
Call of Duty: http://www.callofduty.com



TST IV Results & Matches

TST IV Media MatchesClick the banner to see all matches from TST IV


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (12 entries)

  • 1. Andrew K(Ken)
  • 2. Steffan Fields(Alex)
  • 3. Matt Lehotsky(Ken)
  • 4. Duong Phu(Ryu)
  • T5. Karel(Hugo), Jo
  • T7. James(Dudley), Mark
  • T9. Justin, Jayse, Rex, Kyle

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (14 entries)

  • 1. Merlin Sinclair(Honda, Chun)
    2. Duong Phu(Balrog, Ryu)
    3. Tyler Sanderson(Ryu)
    4. Jo Arcilla(Honda)
    T5. Phillip(Guile), Adrian(Bison, DJ)
    T7. Shane(Sagat), Graeme(Honda, Balrog)
    T9. Jayse(Bison), James(Bison), Matt(Vega), Steffan(Blanka)
    T13 Mark, Karel

Super Smash Brothers Melee (16 entries)

  • 1. Wilson Tieu
    2. Russel Racca
    3. Janos Saluta
    4. Graeme Howard
    T5. William Giang, Kio
    T7. Nico Racca, Tyler H
    T9. Darcy, Sebastian, Kevin, Jamie
    T13. Anthony, Roy, Rex, AJ

Street Fighter 4 Teams (16 teams/32 players)

  • 1. Duong(Balrog)/Shane(Akuma)
    2. Jerome(Ryu)/Merlin(Balrog)
    3. Jo(Zangeif)/Mark(Fei)
    4. Tyler(Ryu)/Rain(Sagat)
    T5 Bmike(Cammy)/Charles(Balrog), Simon(Sagat)/Manny(Ryu)
    T7. Steffan(Honda)/James(Bison), Kyle(Blanka)/Kio(Vega)
    T9. Tim(Ryu)/Karel(Seth), Izzy(Fuerte)/Joe(Zangief), Jon F(Chun)/David(Balrog), Nathan(Balrog)/Rex(Zangeif)
    T13. Matt(Sim)/Jayser(Bison), Kiet(Vega)/Pakman(Rufus), Justin(Ryu)/Henry(Gouken), Jozel(Ryu)/Andrew(Ken?)

BlazBlue (14 players)

  • 1. Brandon(Rachel)
    2. Elvin(Jin)
    3. Jo(Tager)
    4. Merlin(Tager)
    T5 Graeme(Taokaka), Jeff(Jin)
    T7. Tyler(Jin), Curtis(Litchi)
    T9. John(Rachel, V13), Henry(Rachel), Jason(Hakumen), David(Noel)
    T13. Steffan(Taokaka), Mark(Bang)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Vanilla) (8 players)

  • 1. Shane(O.Sagat)
    2. Tyler(Ryu)
    3. Merlin(Honda)
    4. Duong(Balrog, Ryu)
    T5 Steffan, Jo(Honda)
    T7. Matt(Vega), Mark

Street Fighter 4 (Singles) (30 players)

  • 1. Shane(Akuma)
    2. Simon(Sagat)
    3. Rain(Ryu, Sagat, Ken)
    4. Jo(Zangief)
    T5th. Merlin(Balrog), Jerome(Sagat, Ryu)
    T7th. Duong(Balrog, Ryu, Honda), B. Mike(Cammy, Guile)
    T9th. Jozel(Ryu), Steffan(Honda, Abel), Nathan(Balrog), John F(Chun)
    T13th. Graeme(Balrog), Andrew(Chun, Ken), James(Bison), Kio(Vega)
    T17th. David(Balrog), Matt(Sim), Brian, Jayse(Bison), Kevin, Kiet(Vega, Guile), Kyle(Blanka), Chad(Ken)
    T25th. Mark(Fei), Rex(Zangeif), Tim Ho, Tyler(Ryu), William(Ryu), Pakman(Rufus)

TST IV: Live IV the Fight (Aug 15-16)


This is it the big Winnipeg major! This is the tournament where you want to perform your best, well at least for the ones not going to Evo. Shane again is the top player to gun down in several games. Russel is the defending champ at TST but Wilson has been running through him in the past few tournaments. Can he finally come through and win the big one?

Those are some of the stories going into the event. Be sure to get in the practice and lets put on a show! With some of the new games coming out we are planning to run tournaments for them. The list is subject to change depending on what you guys want. Remember folks that this tournament doesn’t run without input from everyone. If enough people speak up we will do what we can to compensate for it. On to the details.

  • Entry Fee to Site: FREE
  • Rules can be found here.

Please keep in mind that things may change between now and TST in August, seem keep your eyes on here and on the original forum post for TST IV.

The schedule for TST can be found below.



Here Comes a New Challenger! Pt. 1 – Korea

Okay, this one might be a bit of a long one, I may just put this in two parts, one the actual blog and the other the article that I was suggested to write about. I personally would like to see the staff members all write something on the topic of new players; since the staff members all have a different level of experience in many different games. I thought that it would be a lot better; but I don’t think that will be happening.

So here’s an update on the sticks from around town. I’m kinda late, but pre-orders for the normal Fight Sticks went on at EBGames about last week, and unfortunately at the time of this write up, EBGames was told by the higher ups to stop taking pre-orders for the normal fight sticks. Now here’s the good/bad news part. The Tournament Edition sticks ARE available for pre-order at EB Games at this time. Unfortunately they have a $189.99 price tag on them and won’t be available until about March. This will probably be ending soon since a majority of gamers in T.O/BC/Alberta are now pre-ordering. So if you read this, please go out and get one if you want one. I have yet to contact PNP Games or Microplay about the sticks, but something tells me the price of the stick will be the same all around if they do get it.

Also, just letting you all know that anyone who has pre-ordered the game will be getting it on the 18th of February and NOT the 17th like the USA. This is just plain ol’ stupid and is because of customs. Thumbs down to them.

So I think today’s blog/rant/article/whatever you want to call it is going to be a good one. It’ll have lots to talk about, such as my opinions on the Screwattack.com Character showing (and how they think they can brag about stuff), as well as the 1UP Show with Richard Li and the SRKers, and then I think I’ll finish off with the article.

Okay, so LET’S GO!

So I frequent the site Screwattack.com for many reasons, one being Daily Destin’s Hard News segment, as well as Jose’s Puntos, as I find them quite humourous. I do also watch AVGN there and sometimes Life in A Game. I was a big fan of Nametags as well, until they finished the series. I honestly have nothing wrong with any of the people at Screwattack, they all have great taste in games and they’re very talented in the games that most people play. But when it comes to fighting games, they disappoint me. It could just be acting, but I honestly think that Stuttering Craig could go without the “I’m the best at SF” attitude and just start playing it more seriously. Scrub tactics against scrubs does not make you the best, never does and never will.

My big quarrel is that he doesn’t call out the g1’s in the local area to come challenge him. I’m pretty sure Texas has some pretty decent HDR players as well as 3S players, after all, it’s the state with Arcade UFO. In those footages of Craig callin out Soulja Boy about him kicking SB’s ass in HDR, since Soulja Boy doesn’t know shit about the game. But that’s not a local player, and it’s a scrub calling out another scrub. You watch any of those “tournaments” they have with The New Generation and you think, “Oh my god, this is such shitty gameplay” then, you think “Oh okay, well they’re just casual players afterall”. But then Craig comes out and starts bragging about ONE BUTTON matches with Alex. Ugh, this is ridiculous.

So they recently had the SFIV Trial version (As you can see on the main screen of every video they have) character videos posted. With my prior knowledge on how they play the game, I couldn’t help but wonder how this group of gamers were going to show off one of the most anticipated games of 2009. If you watched every video, I really must say I’m surprised, I had to stop at one, the very first one. In all honesty I could not bear to watch this person (I’ll assume it’s Craig) play any more than the first minute. His tactics were obviously from SF3 and he was obviously not on high level play, but then again, how could I expect him to be? I already knew that Craig isn’t a hardcore fighting gamer. I wish he had shown more Focus Attacks and at least some Non-Whiffed Ultra/Supers; then it would have been a little more interesting.

Jose’s Puntos for 3S was actually pretty good, zoning and stuff is very important in the world of 3S, so why couldn’t the person playing SFIV do anything about it. Don’t they know that zoning can and should be carried on to other games, ESPECIALLY new ones?!

I guess I really can’t say much though, like I’ve pointed out throughout the rant, they are only casual players who think they’re hardcore. I can see that they’re only trying to increase exposure to a genre of games that was thought to be dead. Since they are far more popular than SRK and even us; I can’t really bash them too hard. They really do mean well with the character videos and the bragging stuff. Afterall, they are an entertainment website. So I won’t go really deep into them and say they’re too much crap, but I would like to see Craig face off with someone and show the actual match. Not like the beatdown highlights video from a while ago against JWong.

So moving on with the 1UP Show from last week with the NorCal SRKers.

This was a pretty decent video blog/show, this means that it was far better than the 20 character videos that Screwattack had; and they did in just an hour. If Screwattack had done an Out of the Box segment, then I would have been a little more happy; but who’s to say that I wouldn’t have ranted about that.

So the show pretty much was a Q&A of the game with pros, since the one they did before was pretty bad and people were getting drunk and stupid. They covered a lot of things, showing us what we could play with in terms of options (Turning off the announcer/JPN and English voices on specific chars), what Challenge Mode was like, as well as the new console characters.

There are couple of things that I determined while watching this segment (the players also determined it as well), but Rose is by far the best new character that isn’t a boss, that is until people find certain things to destroy others with Gen. To me, her ultra is just really good,  for anti air and floating characters, on ground, not so much, BUT it could be used randomly and catch the opponent off guard. Rose is definitely a decent character in this one; she is a bit complex, but not as complex as Gen.

So the 1UP Show also mentioned questions from people on SRK, busting the myth that Sagat had been nerfed, as well as stating that Dan was a decent character because he does have certain safe moves. All in all the segment deserves a 4/5 for watching value. I honestly can’t say much about them as much as Screwattack because they did a far better job with it.

Fat Princess is the coolest little game coming out for the PS3 on PSN, sometime in March supposedly. It is a cutesy team game where you must rescue your princess from your opponent’s castle. Much like TFII, it is a team based Capture the Flag game; with classes and everything. Think of it like as a RTS where you play as the units, since you have to collect wood and metals for upgrades by the worker. I was watching the other videos over at GameTrailers.com, and it looks hella fun. I’ll probably get it sometime between all the SFIV gaming that is going to be happening.

Anyways, this is going to be the conclusion of the first part of this blog, I know I stated I was going to go through this all, but I realized that the article for new players was gonna be a huge piece. So I’m going to finish the rest of the post tomorrow or something and post it on Friday. I think it will just be the article and not the other things, I’ll finish up with those in this one.

So finally, we have two tournaments coming up, one being the Smash Bros. Melee Tournament that features the BC players as well as some more West Coast Canadian players coming into town; the other being Street Fighter IV Launch Tournament. Both have threads on the forums. Be sure to check it out for more information. This weekend will probably have some gaming involved, I need more practice with M.Bison in STHD and his BnB combos. Apparently I CAN juggle that Super from the jumping medium punch x 2. Dammit! Oh well, anyways I’ll see you guys on Friday with the article.

James “Korea” Kim


Damn It 2DF, BS in 3S!- Korea

So, I’m actually keeping up with blogs now, isn’t that simply amazing? No? Well screw you guys too! Anyways, my big thing about today was 2DF, I cannot believe some of the shit I go through, after discussing with Shane last week about how 3S has so much BS in it, I can’t even stand playing the BS game online anymore with 2DF (GGPO is even worse for me).

You see, my quarrel is with the whole input lag, and now that I’ve got this weird mindset where I watch what I throw out and try to “counter” someone’s hit, so now it totally fucks my game up. For example, played against this dude who plays Ken religiously, I mean I sense his god damn fp. SRK when I jump in, yet I can never get the parry, then when I do, I tap the next one, I GET HIT?! WHAT THE FUCK HELL!? I also try to block after I parry the first one while on the ground, and BAM, still get stuffed. I finish up the match (lost 10-5) and I get my PS2 out and test out my parrying skills on that SRK, I feel like I’m doing the exact same motion as I did on 2DF, got my 2 hits and landed. Is it my nerves? No, normally my nerves hit me during tournaments and when I fight Duong or Shane.

Another example of BS in 3S (Yes I’m fully aware I just rhymed), is when I parry air to air, I expect to get some sort of “first attack” because I stopped your freaking j.fp or whatever Ken’s do in the air. Why is it then that I get thrown immediately as I land in front of you? I can now see why NG and 2I had the damn shoo away the player after a2a parries. Fuck that shit, I’m giving up on this 2DF crap, someone play me in ST offline or 3S offline, as I find myself to be a much better player. AUGH!

So in other gaming news/fun. I’m currently not playing my PS3 as it is with my brother. I don’t know if that was a good idea or bad idea, but considering that DMC4 got really repetitive and I don’t have an HDTV/LCD Monitor for Blu-Ray movies or other games, I think I’ll just wait until he’s done with it.

You guys have heard of Triumvir? Specifically for THIS (Note: Some of the banners they have are NSFW, it has nudity in it, like girl on girl on girl nudity)?! Let me tell you, I am making sure that I drop whatever it costs to get this jacket. Honestly I need one of these, because hoodies don’t keep you warm on cold autumn days, seriously. They have some other good stuff, but man, all sold out.

Gootecks has another podcast out, this time with special guest, Alex Valle. This one is only an hour long and he is apparently in the works of something with Ryan. Hopefully it’ll be good, have yet to listen to it fully.

So lets see, I noticed that SOCOM: Confrontation for the PS3 was released, and it’s only going for 60 bucks with the headset, not a bad deal if you ask me, but then again, that’s probably pretty normal. Now I don’t usually say this to many people, but back when SOCOM first came out for the PS2, I was all over that shit. I would stay up countless Fridays and Saturdays playing people online. I was pretty damn elite, with my own clan and everything. This new one kinda perks my interest. I’ll definitely have to put it on my “to rent list”. Once again I’ll mention that LBP has been delayed until this Friday or something for America, I will also put that down on my “to rent list”.

I have nothing to say about the 360 or the Wii, in all honesty, I don’t have either and I can’t play any of the exclusives, so can’t do dick all about it.

Just a thing about the future things we plan on doing with this group/site. As you all know we are entering the era of the podcast. It’s an interesting feature, since it’s pretty much talk radio about whatever you are interested in. It’s great isn’t? We want to do one eventually within the next few months/year. We’re currently researching on equipment and collaborating with the guys at NOLAG. The podcast is, of course, our last resort, we actually wanna get on UMFM with a university radio talk show, simply about games and such. So we’ll see what goes on with that.

Well that’s pretty much it for my blog this week, I believe we’re gathering this weekend to play a few games (ST, MvC2, maybe some CvS2, amazing that we haven’t touched 3S in about 3 weeks for these gatherings). Please check the forums for more information and don’t forget to post people. Later guys.

-James “Korea” Kim

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