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Baselan 18: November 13-15

Baselan 18

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Baselan is back again, and once again we will be running the usual along with a new game, Tekken 6!
Here’s the list of official tournaments we are running

Those are the official games we are running. All of which will most likely take place on Saturday. Due to player demand, we’ll also be hosting a 3v3 team tournament on Friday (15$ per team) as well as an SF2 Hyper Fighting tournament. If enough people decide to show up for Friday evening or stick around on Saturday and there’s enough interest, we’ll also see what else we can run.

Here’s the list of PC games that are being held:

Schedule of Events

  • PC
    • Counter-Strike: Source
      • Friday: 6:00pm-12:00am(midnight)
      • Saturday: (noon)12:00pm-Complete
    • Left 4 Dead:
      • Saturday: 6:00pm
    • Company of Heroes:
      • Friday: 8:00pm
    • Dawn of War 2:
      • Runs all weekend
  • Console
    • Guitar Hero 5
      • Friday 8pm
    • Halo 3
      • Saturday 12:00pm
    • Super Smash Bros. Melee
      • Saturday: 2:00pm
    • Street Figther IV – 3v3
      • Friday: 8:30pm
    • Street Fighter IV – Singles
      • Saturday: 4:00pm
    • Tekken 6
      • Saturday: 7:00pm
  • Location
  • Earl Grey Community Club
  • 360 Cockburn Ave. N

Central Canada Comic Con: SF4 Tournament


Central Canada Comic Con 2009
October 31st – November 1st
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  • Street Fighter IV Tournament Details
    • Date:
      Oct. 31st
    • Location:
      Winnipeg Convention Centre (375 York Ave.)
    • Tournaments:
      Street Fighter IV
    • Time:
      1:00pm (be there as early as possible because we will have a curfew this time)
    • Entry Fee:
      $12.00 for admission into the convention. (subject to change)
      $10.00 for the tournament. (subject to change)
    • Prizes:
      1st – Asus Smart Phone (Valued at 400 dollars)
      2nd – 10 man session at Xtreme Tactics (valued at 300 dollars)
      3rd – $50 Dollar gift cert. to CBiT
  • Let it be known that this Saturday will be til 6PM only as we’re getting kicked out then. If you want to show up for casuals and stuff on Sunday, feel free, as the volunteers and coordinators must be there on Sunday as well. Sunday is also a good time to get autographs and photos with the guests. We should be staying only til 3PM or so on Sunday. So please feel free to show up.

For full details on the entire Comic-Con event, visit: http://www.cccomiccon.com/


Driven 2009 SFIV Tournament ($500 in Prizes!) – July 25

Chip Damage and DRIVEN present the biggest Street Fighter IV Tournaments in Western Canada.  Play in front of the thousands in attendance.  This is an open tournament so you will see not only the regular circuit players but surprise garage players that may shock the tournament regulars.

Tournament Live Registration begins at 1 PM – Secure your spot and save money by registering below. Participants will be capped at 64, so please register early.
Tournament starts at 2:00 PM.


Main Tournament
1st Place – $300
2nd – $150
3rd – $50

Prizes may also be awarded to the above.

Prizes include Gift Certificates from Sponsors, Street Fighter Items and general prizes.


Save time! Register now to secure your spot and avoid long registration lines at the event.
Click here to go to registration page!

Tournament Rules

General Rules

– Game Version: US Playstation 3.
– Game settings: Versus mode, 2/3 rounds, Round time 99 seconds.
– Tournament will be Double Elimination format.

– Players are highly advised to supply their own controllers. We claim no responsibility if you are unable to find some way to supply yourself with a controller.
– All macros available via the in-game controller configuration menu are allowed. ie: 3p, 3k buttons.
– Hardware macros, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechinsims are strictly forbidden.

– Winner must stick with their chosen character in the next round (does not carry onto other matchups). Loser may change character if they wish.
– Accidentally pausing the game at any time during the fight may force you to forfeit the round (solely at a judge’s discretion).

– Matches will be run in best 2 out of 3 (outside the game’s own round settings) with the Winner’s, Loser’s and Grand Finals being best 3 out of 5.
– If you wish, you may request a double-blind pick. What will happen then is both players will secretly tell the director their character choice(s) and must choose that at the start of the round.

– From now on we are expecting you to have your controllers/stick ready.  You can borrow a stick from someone if they allow you.  When we call your match and you are waiting for a stick, you have only 5 minutes to get to your match.
– For those of you pad players, you MUST turn your controller OFF after you finish your current match.  Failure to do so will cause you to at least be knocked down 1-0 in your next match, depending on consequence you may even lose your next set.

– If you are in tournament we expect you to be around, if we call you and we can’t find you we will not hesitate to knock you to losers or out of the tournament depending on where you are in the bracket.  If you plan to leave for a bit ask the tournament director where you are and if we can we will delay your match as long as we can.  However if we need to move on and your match is next STAY or risk forfeit losing the round.


A New Post For The New Year – Korea

Happy New Years everyone. It’s 2009, and here’s the first blog post of the year! I hope everyone had a decent Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year’s Eve. It’s officially the year of the new fighting games, this also means that I have to put my pre-order down for Street Fighter IV somewhere this month (Guess not, read ahead). Collectors Edition or not? Don’t know yet.

Wow, we’re in the year 2009, so many games coming out that will help the scene grow. And even then, 2009 is bringing in a lot of games for just the casual gamer too. I don’t exactly what is coming out, but I’m sure there are a bunch of good titles coming. Sure is great to know that I am keeping up with my game release homework. /sarcasm.

So we’ve got a little over a month until Street Fighter IV is released on console and that means a little over a month before the stick also is released. I’ve been reading on the forums that a few of you have been pre-ordering the stick online. I’m just letting you know that I have called around Winnipeg and am letting you know that PNP Games IS getting a shipment of them in. EBGames is still unknown on the status of them getting them, but they are a popular question apparently, so they’re hoping to get it. Also, they are not taking pre-orders for the game as of yet. We’ll have to wait until the middle of January or later to know for sure.

That also leads me to the question, who is calling EBGames?! Hm??! We have people calling in asking about Street Fighter IV and the stick and yet they don’t show their faces? Boo-urns to them.

This year will be something new for me, not only with personal life resolutions, but with gaming ones too. I guess in a way I’m gonna try and change certain things. Such as:

Learn a new game that isn’t Street Fighter

I’ve tried my hardest to do this one, I don’t know if I can. It’s very hard to do something when you have no one to play against and it’s hard to learn the complexity of them game without someone who knows what they’re doing show it to you. That’s pretty much how I got started with 3rd Strike, because I had Steffan and Matt show me the ways. ST is getting there because I have Duong and the PS3 to show me certain things. But things like KoF and Arcana isn’t easy by just watching vids and copying what some people are doing. So I’m going to try to learn some new game out there and maybe inspire some other people to play it. (Although I might have to first do the next resolution)

Admit that I’m too impatient with new games

I think this comes with being too stubborn with my skill and myself. I try my hardest to be one of the best, but that only brings me back down when I lose. I get so frustrated at the things I can’t beat that it makes me just give up on the game without giving it a chance like I did with 3rd Strike or ST. Hell, even the older games like the Versus series I get frustrated at. I lose, I should be able to take it, but sometimes it just is way too much for me, so I just get too frustrated. Just gotta remember it’s just a game sometimes, maybe I’ll pick up Arcana again. Fuck Guilty Gear, that game is just too ugh for me, I have no character I can go with. Maybe I’ll wait until BlazBlue (Different cast, maybe different styles, JUST MAYBE).

Try to represent our scene in the best way possible

This one should actually be more like “Will try to promote the scene as best as possible”. While we have our set amount of people in our scene, with the new games I’d love to see more people come to our events and such. I also want them to see that we’re not all pricks like we are on the online world. But we’re not all skinny pale skinned bony ass kids in our fucking basements/rooms who hide behind our screens when shit talking. I’m pretty blunt when I say things on our forums and with the exception of Todd and Shawn Swan, I don’t hate everyone over at ai-kon.org, no I don’t hate them at all. I just normally have a very hard time going over and saying “Hey Friend, would you like to come play SFIV with us” while the person is going off about some stupid anime or what new thing Japan has. (I also have a hard time calling Otakus “friends”)

Those are the many few that I can think of off the top of my head. It’s gonna be a tough ride for this year, but I think I’ll be able to do it with the help of my co-workers and stuff. I just wanna say have a great 2009 people. I hope 2008 got you tenderized for this year. Let’s go for broke this year. GGPO guys

James “Korea” Kim

P.S. Jayse, I think you mixed up the epic trailer with a garbage one. WHERE’S MY TST III DVD Trailer!?!?

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