That Summer Tournament III

TST 3: Fighting Remastered – Event Results

August 16 – 17 / 2008

Super Smash Brothers Melee (12 entries)

1. Russel “Lickuid” Racca
2. Wilson “Mugz” Tieu
3. William “roy” Giang
4. Adam “Dave” Hayes
T5. Miller “analyze” Sornes, Sam “denizen” Issac
T7. AJ Closas, Kevin “kevos” Tieu
9. Nikko Racca
T10. Kenneth Tieu, Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio, Brian “Bluze” Gutron


Capcom vs Snk 2 (12 entries)

1. Ed Luangkhot
2. George “Geodude” Wong
3. Ed “Ex-s” Lee
4. Norman “NormanJr911” Forest
T5. Matt “Ckasady” Lehotsky, Greg Robinson
T7. Duong “nYo” Phu, Jo “twelve_user”Arcillia
T9. Todd “Nethus” Niffin,
T10. Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Andrew “Gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz, James “Korea” Kim


Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (11 entries)

1. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury
2. Norman “NormanJr911” Forrest
3. Duong “nYo” Phu
4. Andrew “Gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz
T5. Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky, Jericho
T7. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson, Todd “Nethus” Niffin
T9. Jo “twelve_user” Arcillia, Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Karel “M0nster” Kahula

Super Smash Brothers Melee 2v2 (4 teams)

1. Wilson Tieu, William Giang
2. Adam Hayes, AJ Closas
3. Russel Racca, Kevin Tieu
4. Miller Sornes, Nico Racca

Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike teams (7 teams)

1. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury/Andrew “gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz
2. Norman “NormanJr911” Forest/Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio
3. Matt “ckasady” Lehotsky/Tim “tech-hit” Ho
4. Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Duong “nYo” Phu
T5. James “Korea” Kim/Jericho “dreadfist: Monton, Ed “ex-s” Lee/Tyler “Kang” Sanderson
7.Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk/Jo Arcillia/Jayse “JayseR” Meyer

Tekken 5:Dark Ressurection

1. Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk
2. Steffan “srf3po” Fields
T3. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson, Tim “Tech-Hit” Ho

Guilty Gear Accent Core (12 entries)

1. Jo “twelve_user” Arcillia
2. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson
3. Steffan “srf3po” Fields
4. Todd “Nethus” Niffin
T5. Andrew “gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz, Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk
T7. Duong “nYo” Phu, Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury
T9. Mohammed Ahmed, Norman “NormanJr911” Forrest
T11. Oliver Lau, Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio

Super Smash Brothers Brawl (11 entries)

1. Sebastian Cichoz
2. Russel “Lickuid” Racca
3. Adam “dave” Hayes
4. Mike Badejo
T5. John Casper, Nico “sage” Racca
T7. Kevin O, John March
T9. Dan L, Mike Ally
11. Derrick Mallice

Soul Calibur 4 (12 entires)

1. Tyler “Kang” Sanderson
2. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury
3. Curtis “cmanoa” Manoaisk
4. Steffan “srf3po” Fields
T5. Derrick “grimice” Leduc, Todd “Nethus” Niffin
T7. Nemesh “Nash” Buddhia, Keith “KLB” Bailey
T9. James “Korea” Kim, Jo “twelve_user” Arcillia
T11. Mohamed Ahmed, Duong “nYo” Phu

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (22 Entries)

1. Shane “Shinakuma” Fleury
2. Paul “wpgstev” Tran
3. Jo “twelve_user” Arcilla
4. Norman “NormanJr911” Forest
T5. Steffan “srf3po” Fields, Jerome “bisu” Fulgencio
T7. James “Korea” Kim, Todd “Nethus” Niffin
T9. James “Iceman” Howard, Tyler “Kang” Sanderson, Andrew “gaybarguy” Kielbasowycz, Keith “KLB” Bailey
T13. Matthew “ckasady” Lehotsky, Duong “nYo” Phu, Sunny Duong, Tim “Tech-Hit” Ho
T17. Jayse “JayseR” Meyer, Derrick “grimice” Leduc, Carson, Garish, Mohamed Ahmed, Oliver Lau

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