Street Fighter V Launch Tournament 2016

SFV Launch Tournament Results!


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to support our Street Fighter V Launch Tournament yesterday!  It was great seeing some new and old faces make an appearance yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who brought setups and for being patient with us as we worked through the growing pains of a SFV tournament.  Thanks again.

Jericho is still running amok.

The tournament footage should be uploaded within a few weeks and check out our facebook page for images from the tournament as well as the bracket/pool images.

See you at the next tournament!

Expert Bracket Results

1: OohMatty

2: Bmeister

3: eissan

4: srf3po

5: Mack

5: Robbo

7: KangDo

7: Big Bad Branson

9: Chad

9: Fstrike

9: Adrian

9: Kiet Q

13: Jericho (DQ)

13: John Bo

13: braindead2000

13: Tsukahara

Secret Boss Jericho: 4-1


Intermediate bracket Results

1: Stellarcirclefive

2: Povard

3: Nat

3: nYo

5: Johnny Worms

5: Lime

5: Robert Smith (DQ)

5: ckasady

9: Hyoto

9: Cmanoa

9: Xan

9: Rachel

9: Adderall Admiral (DQ)

9: Bob

9: Sean

9: Schneider-X


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