That Summer Tournament 9 2014

That Summer Tournament 9 Results, Survey, Shout outs

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

  1. Shane
  2. Norman
  3. Merlin
  4. Adrian

T5. Duong, Matt

T7. Tyler S, Jericho

T9.Jo, Steffan


  1. Merlin
  2. Steffan
  3. Levar
  4. Tyler S

T5. Steffan, David

T7. Norman, Matty

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Singles

  1. Jericho
  2. Lovell
  3. Robin
  4. Evanson

T5. Shane, Bobby

T7. Ehsan, Duong

T9. Evan, Mack, Sandeep, Jo

T13. David, Russel, Norman, James

T17. Cybermind, Chris, Sean, Stuart, Matty J, Joey

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles

  1. Sandeep
  2. Erick
  3. Lovell
  4. Matty

T5. Keifer, Jeff

T7. Matty J, Russel

T9. BMike, Jericho, Liam, Sam

T13. Matt, Steffan, Jo, Garrett

T17. Joseph

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Teams

  1. Jericho/Sandeep
  2. Norman/Shane
  3. Duong/Lovell
  4. Robin/Bobby

T5. Matty/Ehsan, David/James

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Erick/Lovell
  2. Jericho/Sandeep
  3. Keifer/Jo L
  4. Russel/Andrew

T5. BMike/Matty, Lime/Matty J

Persona 4 Arena

  1. Branden
  2. Justen
  3. Chris
  4. Alex

T5. Marcus, Stuart

T7. Jo

Guilty Gear Accent Core+R

  1. Chris
  2. Keifer
  3. Stu
  4. Brian

T5. Alex, Justen

T7. Branden, Marcus


  1. Merlin
  2. Fraud Matt
  3. Anthony
  4. Aedan
  5. Steffan

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late

  1. Kiefer
  2. Branden
  3. Stu
  4. Chris

T5. Norman, Jules

T7. Steffan, Matty

T9. Liam, Dave, Jericho, Tyler

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

  1. Branden
  2. Alex
  3. Keifer
  4. Jason

T5. Simon, Chris

T7. Nick, Kelsey

T9. Paul, Justus, Stu, Marcus

T13. Tyler

Virtua Fighter 5:Final Showdown

  1. Jason
  2. Curtis
  3. Jules
  4. Matty

T5. Tyler S, Steffan

T7. Karel

Dead or Alive 5

  1. Curtis
  2. Matty
  3. Steffan
  4. Tyler S

King of Fighters 13

  1. Jericho
  2. Matty
  3. Steffan
  4. Tyler

T5. Jules, David

T7. Keifer

Soul Calibur V

  1. Jason
  2. Madison
  3. Anthony
  4. Bruno

T5. Tyler S, Joshua

T7. Jules, Steffan

Super Smash Brothers Melee Teams

  1. Tizzy / Meraki
  2. Worthy Adversary: Subzero / Burntoutninja
  3. Yol4 / Cassius
  4. Stickman / Star

T5. i-dog / Dusty, Keagan B / Josh H

T7. chico / pico, Jebitz / chrono

T9. Taco / Sol, grand musaka / choft, Crimsonfall / Telepwn, Bird / Dright

T13. Cat / SevenF

Super Smash Brothers Melee Singles

  1. Tizzy
  2. Meraki
  3. The Kid
  4. Revenant

T5 .Subzero, YOL4

T7. BurntoutNinja, Star

T9. Lickuid, Nikko, CanadianBakn, Stickman

T13. Lord, AT22, KeagsbSmashin,Gybby

T17. I-dog, Toastmachine, Telepwn, Psyiix, Mike, Cmyk, LEAN,Dright

T25. ctoph, Dirt, Dusty, Crimonfall, Bird, PTC, JeBitz,

T33. Bcors, Skye, Dave

Smash Brothers Project M

  1. Subzero
  2. Tizzy
  3. YOL4
  4. Lickuid

T5. Star, Stickman

T7. TACo, chico

T9. Sol, Mzard, AT22, Postman Pat

T13 SevenF, High 5, Keke, Bird

T17. Bobby the Destroyer, Tooky, CMYK, Daddy Phat Sax, KeagsbSmashin, Pico, Burnt out Ninja, Roarem

T25. Choft, Mike, Cat, Thall, Crimsonfall, Larry, Telepwnt,

T33. Jebitz, dright

Hey all,

Thanks to all our attendees. Thanks to those that brought equipment and volunteered their time. Lastly, congrats to all our winners as well. Full results should be posted shortly.

In the mean-time, please take a minute to answer our TST9 survey.

Feel free to post shout-outs, call outs and memories, pictures or videos of TST9. See you at TST10!


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