TST 8: Legacy 2013

TST 8: Legacy results and shoutouts – 8/26/2013

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 singles(27 Entries)

  1. BMike
  2. Adkida
  3. Mad Robot
  4. Crackpot

T5. Sandeep, Precision

T7. Justen, Keifer

T9. Lovell, Darcius, James, JoeYamato

T13. Killout, Russel, Tyler, Phil

T17. Prizm, Matt, Flubsy, Matty, Mike Tran, Branden, BRZ Erick

T25.  Joseph, Adrian, Goji B, Jo

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012 Singles(24 Entries)

  1. Shane
  2. Jericho
  3. Robin
  4. Burzy

T5.  Norman, Evan

T7. Rain, Kiet

T9. Rotang, Chad, Bobby, Jo

T13. BRZ Erick, BMike, Tsmoke, David

T17. Joseph, Sean H, Prizm, Bobby H, Cybermynd, FlinFlon Express, Nat, Impact

Injustice(22 Entries)

  1. Merlin
  2. Keifer
  3. David
  4. Tyler

T5. Burzy, Tsmoke

T7. Levar, Mike T

T9. Impact, Branden, Rob, Steffan

T13. Norman, Matty, Johnny Worms, Trent

T17. Cybermynd, Shane, Skarskee, Joey, Bonbon, James

Divekick (16 Entries)

  1. Matt
  2. Branden
  3. Trent
  4. Steffan

T5. Nat, Mike Tran

T7. Tyler, David

T9. Merlin, Curtis, Norman, Levar

T13. Burzy, Alex, Wolf Dragon, James

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo(16 Entries)

  1. Shane
  2. Norman
  3. Adrian
  4. Merlin

T5. Jo, Duong

T7. Steffan, TSmoke

T9. Senor Jayko, Burzy, Tyler, David

T13. Wolf Dragon, Flin flon express, Prizm, Nat

Guilty Gear Accent Core(13 Entries)

  1. Darcius
  2. Justen
  3. BrianG
  4. Goji B

T5. Alex, Chris

T7. Curtis, Jo

T9. Nat, Stu Trent, James

T13. Flusby

Persona 4 Arena(12 Entries)

  1. Justen
  2. Stu
  3. Branden
  4. Chris

T5. Flusby, Alex

T7. Nat, Darcius

T9. Paul, Strider, Trent, Jo

King of Fighters XIII(10 entries)

  1. Senor Jayko
  2. Matty
  3. Steffan
  4. James

T5. David, Tyler

T7. Jules, Curtis

T9. Prizm, Wolf dragon

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams (10 Teams)

  1. Sandeep+Keifer
  2. Team Collusion
  3. TranyeWest
  4. Team Cool Hair

T5. League of Rich Whitegentlemen, Team Saskatoon

T7. ALLCAPS, Team Mike T

T9. Team BRZ, Twin Towers

Tekken Tag Tournament 2(8 entries)

  1. Vincent
  2. Curtis
  3. Dimitri
  4. James

T5. Steffan, Tyler

T7. David, Karel

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Version 2012 Teams(8 Teams)

  1. Norman/Shane
  2. Where is Sandeep
  3. Twin towers
  4. Team Squeeze

T5. Team Robby, Nat+David

T7. Winnipeg South, Team Baloni

Soul Calibur 5(7 Entries)

  1. Jason
  2. Anthony
  3. Jules
  4. James

T5. Curtis, Branden

T7. Steffan

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown(7 Entries)

  1. James
  2. Matty,
  3. Jules
  4. Curtis

T5. Tyler, Steffan

T7. Karel

Injustice 6v6 Manitoba vs Saskatchewan Exhibition

Tsmoke eliminates Steffan Kiefer eliminates Levar Tyler eliminates Norman David eliminates Mike Tran Merlin eliminates Branden Matty eliminates  Burzy Tsmoke eliminates Kiefer Merlin eliminates Tyler Tsmoke eliminates David Matty eliminates Merlin Tsmoke eliminates Matty

Saskatchewan wins 6-5


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