FFTF 2013

Fight for the Future 2013 Results and Shoutouts – 6/30/2013

First off the winner is Dream factory as we raised $560 for them.  That’s the highest total we’ve raised since we started doing this.  So thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a big success.  Its a long way from the days when we could get around 250 or so.  So everyone who came out give yourself a pat on the back.  We did good.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

  1. Precision
  2. Keifer
  3. Matty
  4. Kevin

T5. Jeff, Jericho

T7. Matt, Justen

T9.  Joseph, James H, Eric A, Jo

T13. Mark, Jerson

Injustice:Gods among us

  1. Keifer
  2. David
  3. Tyler
  4. Branden

T5. Steffan, Matty

T7. Trent, James H

T9. Justen, Joseph, Rob, Johnny

Persona 4 Arena

  1. Justen
  2. Stu
  3. Chris
  4. Branden

T5. Alex, Trent

T7. Brian

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  1. Curtis
  2. Dimitri
  3. Tyler
  4. Jason

T5. Karel, Steffan

T7. James H, David

T9. Alex


  1. Graeme
  2. Jo

3 Mark

T4. Jules

T5. Nat, Matty

T7. Jerson, Jason

T9. David, James H, Stu


  1. Jason
  2. Alex
  3. Stu
  4. Trent
  5. Chris

Soul Calibur V

  1. Jason
  2. Anthony
  3. Jules
  4. David

T5. Tyler, Curtis

T7. Steffan, James H

T9. Alex

Super Street Fighter 4

  1. Graeme
  2. Jericho
  3. Robin
  4. Duong

T5. James K, James H

T7. David, Andrew

T9. Mark, Nat, Jo

Guilty Gear

  1. Curtis
  2. Justen
  3. Jo
  4. Chris

T5. Brian, Nat

T7. Stu, Alex

T9. Trent, James H

King of Fighters XIII

  1. Jericho
  2. Graeme
  3. Matty
  4. Steffan

T5. James H, Tyler

T7. David, Nat

I just wanna say to the “anime gamers”  I give you guys shit sometimes and make fun of you but I appreciate the dedication you guys have to your games.  It also seems as a group you guys donated the most.  Also off memory it looks like James H was the one who donated the most as he entered everything.  So props goes out to him.  Thanks again everyone.  See you all at TST.


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