Fight Night Infinity S01R03

Fight Night Infinity S01R03 Results

“Just noticed this was never posted.  Better late than never!

[center] [center][size=1.45em][b][/size][size=18pt]1. Killa Sasa[/size][size=1.45em] 2. LoveTacular 3. Precision 4. K-Mac T5. OohMatty/BMeister T7. KangDo/JKO[/size][/center][/center]

[size=12pt][url=][b]Click [u]here[/u] to watch [u]PART 1/2[/u] of the stream replay.[/b][/url] [url=][b]Click [u]here[/u] to watch [u]PART 2/2[/u] of the stream replay.[/b][/url][/size]

[url=][size=12pt][b]Click [u]here[/u] to view the bracket.[/b][/size][/url]



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