UMVC3 Launch Tournament – 2011

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Launch tournament – 11/21/2011

1.  Matty

  1. BMike
  2. Keifer
  3. Tyler

T5.  Stuart/James

T7.  Matt/Richie

T9.  Duong/Jules/Jason/Mackenzie

T13.  Marvin/David/Karel/Dylan

Congrats to Matty for finally pulling through and winning one.  Matches were very entertaining to watch and a lot of the later matches went down to the wire.  Good job everyone and thanks for showing up.  Unfortunately there was no video taken for the event.  So for those of you who weren’t there to watch you’ll have to imagine how awesome finals were.  Easily best finals for MvC3 so far.

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