Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Launch Tournament – 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Launch Tournament Results + Shoutouts – 2/20/2011

1st. Branden (Undefeated)

2nd. Graeme (Lost to Sandeep, Branden)

3rd. Sandeep (Lost to Brandon, Graeme)

4th. Duong (Lost to Brandon, Graeme)

T5th. James H. (Lost to Andrew, Duong), Rain (Lost to Duong, Graeme)

T7th. Jericho (Lost to Tyler, James H), Matty (Lost to Sandeep, Rain)

T9th. Tyler (Lost to Branden, James H), Matt (Lost to Duong, Matty), Steffan (Lost to Sandeep, Rain), Andrew (Lost to Graeme, Jericho)

T13th. Harman (Lost to Branden, Jericho), David (Lost to Matt, Rain), Chris (Lost to Steffan, Matty), BMike (Lost to Graeme, James H.)

Karel if you can post the pool results that would be great.

This whole week has been just Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. I’m kinda glad the week is over.  8) I’m honestly having mixed feelings about how things went at the Launch Tournament. The brackets and pools were handled great, and it’s cool that we saw some returning and new faces. My only gripe was the entry numbers (SFIV still holds the record for having the most people in the lounge, in terms of launch tourneys).

I had fun at all the events held this week (Launch @ PnT, Republic Nightclub, and yesterday). But out of all three, I found the Launch @ PnT the most entertaining. Granted I wasn’t really watching most of the top 16/top 8 players yesterday, even though I should to download them, but man, getting something jacked from you just made things so not fun anymore.

Congrats to Branden/Graeme/SentDeep/Duong for setting the first 4 top players in our scene. For some reason I can see in the future that there are gonna be a lot more ROBOTS on people’s teams. Start collecting those salty tears, boys.

I’m giving a shoutout to my fellow staff members that ran the brackets, and brought equipment. I’d like to thank all the players that came out and enjoyed some Marvel. I’d like to thank PnT and PNP Games for helping us advertise. I’d also like to thank Machine Interface and Raven Comics for some neat prizes. Without you guys, none of this would have happened.

I’d like to give a big “FUCK YOU” to the douchebag(s) who took my 16gb USB Stick from my Xbox. I hope you rot in hell you son(s) of a bitch(es). I know I’ll never find you douchebag(s), but I’m gonna make it clear, I’ll be watching stuff a LOT more now, and if I catch ANYONE stealing shit, you bet your ass that not only are you gonna get called out for it, but I will throw you the fuck outta there.

One more thing, if I EVER (and I mean EVER!) hear about conspiring about throwing matches or changing results so that someone can get out of pools. You will be banned from every event that we hold, the forums, the chat, whatever. This is a warning to whomever tried that bullshit yesterday.

Am I salty now? You bet your ass I am. I’m out.


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