March 2 Battle 2011

March 2 Battle Results and Shoutouts – 3/20/2011

[B]Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo[/B]

1st. Shane

2nd. Matt

3rd. Duong

4th. Graeme

T5th. Jo A, Tyler

T7th. Karel, Andrew

T9th. BMike, David


1st. Matty

2nd. Graeme

3rd. Stuart

4th. Branden

T-5th. Jason, Jeoffrey

T7th. Marvin, Jo A

[B]Super Smash Bros. Melee:[/B]

1st. Wilson

2nd. Russel

3rd. Nico

4th. Graeme

T-5th. Kirk, Mark

T-7th. Brian, AJ

[B]Marvel vs Capcom 3:[/B]

1st. Graeme

2nd. Jericho

3rd. Matty

4th. Sandeep

T-5th. Branden, Stuart

T-7th. Raine, BMike

T-9th. Matt, Jo, Tyler, Duong

T-13th. James H, Jeoffrey, James K, Andrew

17th. David

[B]Super Street Fighter 4:[/B]

1st. Shane

2nd. Graeme

3rd. Jericho

4th. Rain

T-5th. Duong, Andrew

T-7th. Sandeep, James K

T-9th. Tyler, Jo A, James H, Kiet

T-13th. BMike, David, Matty, Matt

T17th. Ehsan, Karel, Branden, Robin, Tim

[i]I don’t have results, will be updated by person who does[/i]

I’m honestly too lazy to do anything right now. It was a pretty tiring day. All I’ll say is that I’m glad nothing was stolen at this tournament. Shout outs to my fellow staff members, and to those who brought the hype. Shout outs also to the people who heard my bullshit analogy as to why I can respect Super SFIV a little more than MvC3.

Also, I seem to be missing my little table that Shane used over by his station. Jayse did a look around at the end of the night. Anyone know what happened to it? Or if it’s still at the lounge?

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