Baselan 22: PacLan 2011

Baselan 22: PacLan Results – 11/21/2011

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles (26 entries)

T1.  Jericho/Shane

  1. Kiet
  2. Rain

T5.  Ehsan/Sandeep

T7.  Steffan/BMike

T9.  Jo/David/Matty/Matt

T13.  Andy/Chad/Jules/Tyler

T17.  Garrett/Akida/James/Mark/Paul/Steven/Mackenzie/Karel

T25.  Ollivierre/VGN

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (9 Teams)

  1. New generation of Old men(Shane/Jericho/Duong)
  2. 8.95 (Sandeep/Rain/BMike)
  3. 8.96 (Chad/Jo/Lovell)
  4. 50k in the hole (Matt/James/Jason)

T5.  Grime(Tyler/Steffan/David), Freesan(Matty/Karel/Ehsan)

T7.  Andy(Andy/Mackenzie/Branden), Dan’s GDLK (Steven/Garrett/Paul)

T9.  Free Agents (Robin/Marvin/Bob)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Singles (20 entries)

  1. BMike
  2. Matty
  3. Lovell
  4. Matt

T5.  Akida/James

T7.  Steven/Sandeep

T9.  VGN/Paul/Tyler/Steffan

T13.  Rain/Jules/Garrett/Jericho

T17.  Mackenzie/Marvin/Chad/Ehsan

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams (9 teams)

  1. Erick (Erick/Lovell/Mackenzie)
  2. Yo Uhlllll (Sandeep/BMike/Matty)
  3. League of Rich, cool, white gentlemen that you want to know and want to hang out with (Matt/James/Branden)
  4. Grime (Tyler/Steffan/David),

T5.  New generation of old men (Shane/Jericho/Duong), Link (Paul/Steven/Garrett)

T7.  Freesan (Ehsan/Karel/Andy), Whatever (Adrianne/Jason/Yahiba)

Mortal Kombat 9 (11 entries)

  1. Tyler
  2. David
  3. Paul
  4. Steffan

T5.  Shane/James

T7.  Joel/Andy

T9.  Jason/Matty/Stuart

Blazblue (9 entries)

  1. Stuart
  2. Garrett
  3. Jason
  4. Andy

T5.  Matty/Marvin

T7.  James/Steven

T9.  VGN

Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike (16 entries)

  1. Shane
  2. Steffan
  3. James
  4. Jo

T5.  Tyler/Matt

T7.  Stuart/BMike

T9.  Jules/Mark/Rain/Kiet

T13.  Andy/Paul/Lash/David

Sorry this took so long to go up.  I’ve been rather lazy over the past week or so.

I look back at the event and thought teams went smoothly but I didn’t like how things went for singles.  Next time I’ll try spacing things out a bit better so that people aren’t playing several different games at once.  It sucks adjusting from one game to another.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with setting things up.  Also great work on getting the stream up Jayse.  Great work on the vids Shane as always.

To all the new people who had this be there first event, I hope you had a good time and will come back for more.

Anyways again sorry for taking so long to get this up.  Better late than never I guess.

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