Baselan 21: Finally Legal 2011

Baselan 21: Finally Legal Results – 5/15/2011

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles

  1. Shane (undefeated)
  2. Graeme (Shane x 2)
  3. BMike (Shane, Graeme)
  4. James Kim (BMike x 2)

T5. Eissan (BMike, Jericho), Jericho (James K, Graeme)

T7. Andrew (Eissan, Graeme), James H (James K, Shane)

T9. Kiet (Eissan, BMike), Matt (Andrew, Shane), Jo (James H, Andrew), Sandeep (James K, Ehsan)

T13. Tyler (Jo, Graeme), Steffan (Sandeep, Jericho), David (Kiet, James K), Merlin (Matt, James H)

T17. Karel (Kiet, BMike), Kyle (David, James H), Nick (Merlin, David), Matty (Matt, Shane), Andy (Tyler, Steffan), Jayse (Jo, Sandeep), Adrian (Sandeep, Andrew), Chad (Steffan, Tyler)

T23. Connor W (Jayse, Eissan), Bob (Adrian, Jo), Robin (Kyle, Merlin), Kareem (Nick, James K)

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams

  1. Going to Japan (Shane, Graeme, Jericho)
  2. Aesthetic Crew (BMike, Sandeep, Karel)
  3. Nachos and Sex (Tyler S, Andrew, Steffan)
  4. D.G. F (Eissan, Matty, Marvin)

T5. Give back to community (Matt, Andy, Charles), Bladacon (James H, Merlin, Duong)

T7. Eleventeen (Nick, Connor, Tyler M), Sho-ryu-can (David, Adrian, Bob)

Can someone provide me with the missing team members?

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles

  1. Graeme (undefeated)
  2. Branden (Graeme x 2)
  3. BMike (Branden, Tim)
  4. Tim (BMike, Graeme)

T5. James H (BMike, Branden), Tyler (Tim, Matty)

T7. Jericho (Tyler, James H), Steffan (BMike, Merlin)

T9. Stuart (Jericho, Tim), Merlin (Tyler, Branden), Matty (Steffan, Graeme), Bob (BMike, Jericho)

T13. Matt (Bob, James H), Adrian (Steffan, Branden), Eissan (Tyler, Matty), Sandeep (Stuart, BMike)

T17. Karel (Sandeep, Eissan), James K (Tyler, Tim), Chad (Eissan, BMike), Jo (Adrian, Bob), Andrew (Steffan, Matt), Kyle (Bob, Adrian)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Teams

  1. Infinite Doom (DUONG, Graeme, Jericho)
  2. Nachos and Sex (Tyler S, Andrew, Steffan)
  3. IFC Pervertz (BMike, Matty, Sandeep)
  4. Tim Ho’s Basement (Tim, Karel, Charles)

T5. Just Block (David, Marvin, Merlin), League of Rich White Gentlemen (Matt, Stuart, James H)

T7. Eleventeen (Nick, Connor, Tyler M)

Mortal Kombat 9

  1. Tyler (Steffan)
  2. Merlin (Tyler x 2)
  3. Steffan (Tyler, Merlin)
  4. David (Tyler, Merlin)

T5. Karel (Tyler, Merlin), James H (David, Steffan)

T7. Andy (Karel, David), Jason (James H, Andy)

T9. Andrew (Andy, Jericho), Matty (Karel, Steffan), Marcello (James H, Karel), Jericho (Jason, Tyler)

T13. Eissan (Matty, James H)

Mortal Kombat 9 Teams

  1. Quintessential Fighting Game of Choice (Tyler, Charles)
  2. Yeahhhhhhh (David, Merlin)
  3. Where there’s Smoke, There’s Jax (Steffan, Karel)
  4. Zero listeners (James H, Jayse)

T5. Winnipeg Sharks (Jericho, Duong), Team James Kim (James K, Andy)

T7. IFC Ecchi (Matty, Marvin)


  1. Jason (Branden)
  2. Branden (Jason x 2)
  3. Matty (Jason, Branden)
  4. Stuart (Jason, Matty)

T5. Connor (Jason, Matty), Nick T (Stuart, Jason)

T7. James H (Nick, Branden), Steffan (Connor, Stuart)

T9. Mike H (Steffan, James H), Tyler M (James H, Steffan)

Call of Duty Black Ops

  1. Brock/Justin
  2. Riley/Tamer
  3. Dominick/Francis
  4. Steve/Larry

T5. Nathan/Jacob, Cody/Dylan

T7. Team AJ, Chad/Trevor

T9. Connor/Nick, Avery/Roman, Mike/Jarrett

Tetris Attack

  1. Matty
  2. Branden

T3. Jericho, Graeme

T5. Andy, Eissan, Duong, Marvin


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