T5T 2010

T5T Results and shoutouts. – 8/16/2010

“T5T Results

Super Smash Brothers Melee

  1. Wilson (undefeated)
  2. Russel (lost to Wilson x2)
  3. Janos (lost to Russel, Wilson)
  4. Adam (lost to Janos, Russel)

T5. Graeme (lost to Janos, Russel), Kevin (lost to Adam, Janos)

T7. JD(lost to Graeme, Adam), Nico (lost to Kevin, Wilson)

T9. Dean (lost ot Graeme, Nico), Trevor (lost to Nico, Graeme)

Street Fighter 2:Hyper Fighting

  1. Shane Fleury (undefeated)
  2. Norman (lost ot Shane, Tyler
  3. Tyler (lost ot Norman, Shane)
  4. Rik (lost to Norman, Shane)

T5. Merlin (lost to Norman, Tyler), Matt (lost to Rik, Tyler)

T7. Graeme (lost to Merlin, Norman), Duong (lost to Rik, Norman)

T9. BMike (lost to Merlin, Rik), Steffan (lost to Graeme, Matt), Andy (lost to Duong, Matt), David (lost to Rik, Merlin)

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams

  1. Buzz cut (undefeated)
  2. Bitches be crazy (lost to Buzz cut x2)
  3. Old men (lost to Buzz cut, Bitches be crazy)
  4. Safeway (lost to Bitches be crazy, Oldmen)

T5. Real talk (lost to Safeway, Bitches be crazy), 100% Natural (lost to Bitches be crazy, Realk talk)

T7. No name (lost ot Realk talk, Buzz cut) Viewlix (lost to 100% natural, Safeway)

T9. Genki (lost to Realk talk, Fire and ass), Z-crew (lost to No name, Safeway), Henry carries Graeme (lost to Viewlix, No name), Fire and ass (lost to 100% Natural, Old men) T13. Pad (lost to Z-crew, Viewlix), League of Rich White Gentlemen (lost to Henry carries Graeme, Buzz cut)

Tekken 6

  1. Curtis (undefeated)
  2. Steffan (lost to Curtis x2)
  3. Jason (lost to Steffan, Tim)
  4. Karel (lost to Jason, Steffan)

T5. Tim (lost to Karel, Curtis), James H (lost ot Jason, Steffan)

T7. Andy (lost to Karel, James H)

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom

  1. Graeme (lost to Branden)
  2. James H (lost to Graeme x 2)
  3. Branden (lost to Graeme, James H)
  4. Matt (lost to Graeme, James H)

T5. Steffan (lost to Graeme, Matt), Paks (lost to Matt, Graeme)

T7. BMike (lost to Paks, Branden), David (lost to Steffan, James)

Blazblue Continum Shift

  1. Branden (undefeated)
  2. Graeme (lost to Branden x 2)
  3. Jeff (lost to Graeme x 2)
  4. Curtis (lost to Jeff x 2)

T5. Jason (lost to Curtis, Merlin), Duong (lost to Jeff, Branden)

T7. Stuart (lost to Curtis, Graeme), Merlin (lost to Duong, Jason)

Capcom vs SNK 2

  1. Norman (lost to James H)
  2. James H (lost to Norman x 2)
  3. Duong (lost to Norman, Merlin)
  4. Merlin (lost to Duong, James H)

T5. Tyler (lost to Merlin x 2), Graeme (lost to Duong, Norman)

T7. Kiet (lost to Tyler, Graeme), BMike (lost to Duong, James H)

T9. Steffan (lost to Tyler, Norman), Andrew (lost to Duong, Steffan)

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles

  1. Rik (undefeated)
  2. BMike (lost to Rik x 2)
  3. Shane (lost to BMike, Rik)
  4. Jericho (lost to BMike, Shane)

T5. James K (lost to Shane, Tyler), Graeme (lost to Jericho, BMike)

T7. Tyler (lost to Jericho, Rik), Norman (lost to James K, Graeme)

T9. Sask Dave (lost to Jericho, Andrew K), Andrew K (lost to Norman, BMike), Merlin (lost to James K, Shane), Jerome (lost to Tyler, Eissan)

T13. Pak-man (lost to Sask Dave, Norman), Duong (lost to Andrew K, Jericho), Izzy (lost to James K, Andrew L), Kiet (lost to Jerome, Merlin)

T17. James H (lost to Pak-man, Jericho), Rain (lost to Sask Dave, Graeme), Steffan (lost to Andrew K, Rain), Ian (lost to Duong, Leo), Branden (James K, Merlin), Eissan (lost to Izzy, Rik), Andrew L (lost to Jerome Shane), Steed (lost to Paul, Tyler)

T25. Jersen (lost to James H, Duong), Tony S (lost to Sask Dave, BMike), Leo (lost to Steffan, Graeme), Andy (lost to Ian, Pak-man), Paul (lost to Steed, James K), David H (lost to Jerome, Rik), Nate (lost to Shane, Izzy), Matt(lost to Branden, Kiet)

T33. Karel (lost to Branden, Nate), Rene (lost to Ian, Norman), Jojo (lost to James H, Tony S)

5v5 Exhibition

Team Saskatchewan(Merlin, Norman, Rik, Dave, Jerome) Team Winnipeg (Shane, James, BMike, Jericho, Graeme)

Grame beats Jerome Rik Beats BMike Jericho beats Dave Merlin beats James Shane beats Norman Graeme beats Rik Jericho beats Merlin

Winnipeg wins

Retro Game Tournament

  1. Duong (undefeated)
  2. Tyler (lost to Duong x2)
  3. Steffan (lost to Tyler, Jason)
  4. Merlin (lost to Steffan, Tyler)

T5. Jason (lost to Merlin, Duong), James H (lost to Steffan, Duong)

T7. Graeme (lost to Jason, James H), David (lost to Graeme, Steffan)

T9. Karel (lost to Graeme, Jericho), BMike (lost to Jason, Merlin), Kyle (lost to Steffan, Merlin), Jericho (lost to David, Tyler)

T13. Andy (lost to Karel, Tyler), Harman (lost to BMike, Kyle), Stuart (lost to Steffan, Duong), Henry (lost to David, James)

Games played for random tourney.

Round 1

Tyler/Andy:Toshinden Karel/Jericho:Killer Instinct Merlin/BMike: Clay Fighters 63 1/3 Harman /Kyle: Saturday Night Slam Masters Jason/Steffan: Dragon Ball GT Stuart/Duong: Uniracers Graeme/David: VF2 Genesis James/Henry: Art of Fighting 2

Losers Round 1

Andy/Karel: Ehrgeiz BMike/Harman: Pocket Fighters Steffan/Stuart: Ranma 1/2 Hard battle David/Henry: Art of fighting 3

Winners Round 1

Tyler/Jericho: Primal Rage Merlin/Kyle: Capcom Fighting Evolution Jason/Duong: Soul Blade Grame/James: Fighters destiny

Losers Round 2

Graeme/Karel: Fatal Fury special Jason/BMike: World heros perfect Kyle/Steffan: Doomsday warrior Jericho/David: Street Fighter Alpha 2

Winners Round 2

Tyler/Merlin: Flying Dragon Duong/James: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighter

Losers Round 3

Graeme/Jason: Clay Fighter Steffan/David: Deadly Arts

Winners Finals

Tyler/Duong: Clay Fighters 63 1/3

Losers Round 4

Jason/Merlin: Street Fighter Alpha 2 Steffan/James: Capcom Fighting Evolution

Losers Round 5

Steffan/Merlin: Battle Arena Toshinden

Losers Finals

Tyler/Steffan: Killer Instinct

Grand Finals

Duong/Tyler: Pocket Fighter, Capcom Fighting Evolution

More to come”


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