C4 2010

C4 Wrapup and Shout-outs – 10/31/2010

“Super Street Fighter 4 Results

  1. Shane (Undefeated)
  2. Graeme (Lost to Shane x2)
  3. BMike (Lost to Shane, Graeme)
  4. Jericho (Lost to BMike, Graeme)

T5. Duong (Lost to Matt, Graeme), James Kim (Lost to Graeme, Jericho)

T7. Paks (Lost to BMike, James Kim), Andrew (Lost to James Kim, Duong)

T9. Jo A (Lost to Rain, James Kim), Rain (Lost to Jericho, Andrew), Matt (Lost to Shane, Paks), Tyler (Lost to BMike, Duong)

T13. David (Lost to Tyler, Paks), Eissan (Lost to Jericho, Jo A), Kiet (Lost to Graeme, Andrew), Steed (Lost to James Kim, Duong)

T17. Sandeep (Lost to Graeme, Duong), James Howard (Lost to Shane, Steed), Charlee (Lost to Duong, Kiet), Nate (Lost to Shane, Andrew)

T17. Branden (Lost to Paks, Eissan), Mark A (Lost to David, Jo A), Karel (Lost to Jo A, David), Dylan (Lost to Jericho, Paks)

T25. Stephanie (Lost to Tyler, Mark A), Matt “Clark” H. (Lost to Rain, DQ’d against Karel), Stewart (Lost to Eissan, Dylan)

T25. Matt J. (Lost to Kiet, Sandeep), Ian (Lost to Andrew, Steed), Mark T (Lost to Matt, Charlee), Andy S (Lost to James Howard, Nate)

We’ve had a busy weekend and C4 2010 has come and gone. I’m very excited to mention we got some new players interested in our little club so watch out for some unfamiliar faces this coming Friday.

The tournament was a success with 31 competitors and some of our biggest (and sexiest) prizes yet.

I’ll start with giving big props to [b]Duong[/b] for hooking up with Ariel and getting us that loaner TV for watching match-play. Of course Duong is also to thank for us even being at C4 in the first place so good work  for helping us get such great exposure at such a huge event. Duong is such an important part of Chipdamage; I have no idea where we would be without his dedication to the scene.

Next up is [b]Korea[/b]. Thanks for organizing things, bringing equipment and letting me help you run our events on the floor this weekend.

Thanks to [b]Shane[/b] for his ongoing effort to make us all work harder at our game. Congrats on First Place and thanks again for your continued generosity to our scene with your equipment like that super cool HDMI splitter. Also, keep up the amazing work with giving us online exposure with your YouTube videos.

I wish I could have played [b]Graeme[/b] this weekend but I guess he was just too busy making others look utterly free. Thanks for chipping in with finding a prize for fourth place, and thanks for making sure Jericho got Fourth Prize. Good work getting second and remaining one of our most consistent players.

[b]Bmike[/b], don’t be discouraged with Super. Sometimes SSF4 can be a very unfair game. You are one of our absolute best players and a big inspiration to a lot of us here – not to mention a great teacher. Keep putting work in with Cammy and don’t stress about what’s in store for her in AE. These things are never as bad as you think they’re going to be. I know you’ve got warrior spirit and I know you’re going to do great at BaseLAN.

[b]James Howard[/b] is another player who looks like he’s had enough of SSF4. Despite what you think, you’re a strong competitor and fun to play with. I know how it feels to never do well in tournaments but you also have to keep in mind that it takes a lot of work to get where our top players are. I have yet to beat your Adon with my Gouken and I’m sure that with a few changes to your play you can really start tearing things up with him. He’s a strong character and you’ve got some sneaky tricks.

Even though I hate to admit, [b]Dave[/b] put me exactly where I belonged in the tournament this weekend. His focused and adaptive play style showed me that I need to make that same effort with my own game. I will still say that I’m definitely salty about my loss and I’m going to have to make sure to run it back at our next tournament.

Congrats to [b]Jericho[/b] for fourth place (sexy place). Thanks for the great games on Sunday and showing me what that nasty Gen is all about. I don’t know if I’ll be ready to take you on when we meet in a tournament for this first time but I’m going to make sure to at least steal one game from you.

Thanks to [b]Ian[/b] for coming out, taking pictures and playing some games. Your Sakura’s getting better and you’ve got to keep it up. Make sure to let us know where you’re putting those photos so we can post them on our site too.

Thanks again to everyone for making Section G at C4 a success. From what I hear, we’re looking at C4 2011 having even bigger and better things in store for us. Keep practicing and coming to tournaments and gatherings. We’ve grown a lot in the past five years and we still have a lot of growing to do. We need you to be here and take part so we can make Chipdamage and the Winnipeg scene a major contender in competitive fighting games.”


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