Baselan 20 – 2010

Baselan 20 Results – 11/14/2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles

1st. Jericho (Lost to Shane)

2nd. Shane (Lost to Jericho x2)

3rd. BMike (Lost to Shane, Jericho)

4th. James H (Lost to BMike, Jericho)

T5th. Rain (Lost to Paks, Jericho), Paks (Lost to Shane, James H)

T7th. Matt (Lost to Jericho, Rain), Duong (Lost to Jericho, Paks)

T9th. Tyler (Lost to James H, Paks), David (Lost to BMike, Matt), Meng (Lost to James H, Rain), Terry (Lost to Meng, Duong)

T13th. Graeme (Lost to Meng, Tyler), Kiet (Lost to David, Terry), Eissan (Lost to Rain, Matt), Sandeep (Lost to Shane, Rain)

T17th. Rob (Lost to BMike, Graeme), Connor (Lost to Kiet, Tyler), Church (Lost to Tyler, Kiet), Jozel (Lost to BMike, Terry), Chad (Lost to Sandeep, Matt), Kyle (Lost to Duong, Eissan), Izzy (Lost to Kyle, Rain), Matty (Lost to Matt, Sandeep)

T25th. Andy (Lost to Jozel, Rob), Dario (Lost to David, Connor), Devin (Lost to James H, Church), Karel (Lost to Paks, Eissan), Justin (Lost to Duong, Izzy), Ian (Lost to Jericho, Matty)

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams (Can somebody fill in the blanks for 5th-7th and team names?)

  1. League of Rich White Gentlment (Paks, Graeme, Matt)
  2. Friendship (Karel, Charles, BMike)
  3. Jaguar Sharks (James H, Jericho, David)
  4. Real Men (Shane, Tyler, Duong)

T5. Gonna F U UP (Rain, Ehsan, Chan), Indian Muscle (Andy, Sandeep, Jason)

7th The Expendables (Kyle, Branden, Meng)


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