Baselan 19: Survivor

Baselan 19: Survivor Results – 5/9/2010

Super Street Fighter 4

  1. Shane
  2. Graeme
  3. Jo
  4. Jericho

T5. David, BMike

T7. Kevin, Kiet

T9. Jerome, Tyler, Steffan, Rain

T13. Jerson, Eissan, Matt, Simon

T17. Karel, Andrew, James H, Kyle, Jayse, Steed, Henry, David S

T25. Jon, Craig, Jason, Izzy, Chad, Radiophage, Curtis, Stuart

Tekken 6

  1. Curtis
  2. James H
  3. Steffan
  4. Tyler
  5. T5. Jason, Karel
  6. T7. Stuart, Kyle
  7. T9. Craig, Graeme

Halo 3

  1. Brock/Phil
  2. Cody/Brent
  3. Desi/Chris
  4. Aaron/Cody
  5. T5. Radiophage/Dilon, Nathan Brockavich
  6. T7. Viroxi/Gizmo, Hans/Derek

Super Street Fighter 4 Teams

  1. Old School (Shane, Steffan, Duong)
  2. On Blast (James, BMike, Jerome)
  3. Niggaz R us Are Back (Graeme, Jayse, Henry)
  4. Low lives (Jericho, David, Jon)

T5. League of Rich White Gentlemen (Paks, Matt, Kyle), Bruce Lees Fighting Method (Rain, Tyler, Andrew)

T7. Kitten (Debbie, Curtis, Stuart), Furious Misguided Anger (James H, Eissan, Kiet)

If you guys want to post up props and stuff best to post it over at the ayb [url=]thread[/url] so the other Baselan Staff members can see the comments and appreciation.

I just wanted to give out a huge thanks to James for helping me with the brackets.  I know I like taking the entire brackets and handling it myself.  But I should accept the help when its there.  It does make running bracket a lot smoother.  Next time I’ll be more open to the help.  Makes things run really well.  Thanks again for coming out everyone.


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