Baselan 18 Major League

Baselan 18 Major League Results -11/14/2009


SF4 Teams

  1. [b]Old men[/b] (lost to Bruce Lee fighting method)
  2. [b]Prairie connection in Korea[/b] (lost to Old men x2)
  3. [b]Bruce Lee Fighting method[/b] (lost to Old men, Prairie connection in Korea)
  4. [b]Joystiq Killaz[/b] (lost to Bruce Lee fighting method, Old men)

T5. [b]League or Rich White Gentlemen[/b] (lost to Joystiq killaz, Praire connection in Korea), [b]Niggaz r us [/b](lost to Old men, League of Rich White Gentlemen

T7. [b]Wildcard[/b] (lost to Joystiq killaz, Old men), [b]Discovery channel[/b] (lost to Niggaz r us, Praire connection in Korea)


Old men (Shane, Jo, Duong) Praire connection in Korea (James, Merlin, Jerome) Bruce Lee Fighting method (Rain, Andrew, Tyler) Joystiq Killaz (Vinh, Mike, VJ) League of Rich White Gentlemen (Paks, Matt, Karel) Niggaz r Us (BMike, Steffan, Charles) Wildcard (Branden, Henry, Chad) Discovery Channel (Mel, David, Brian)

Street Fighter 4 Singles

  1. [b]Shane /b
  2. [b]Rain [/b](lost to Shane, Merliln)
  3. [b]Jerome [/b](lost to Rain, Shane)
  4. [b]Merlin [/b](lost to Rain, Jerome)

T5. [b]BMike [/b](lost to Merlin, Jo), [b]Jo [/b](lost to Rain, Shane)

T7. [b]Karel [/b](lost to BMike, David H), [b]David [/b](lost to Rain, Jerome)

T9. [b]Graeme [/b](lost to BMike, Rain), [b]Steffan [/b](lost to Karel, Shane), [b]Eissan [/b](lost to David, James), [b]Tyler [/b](lost to Rain, Jo)

T13. [b]James [/b](lost to Graeme, Merlin), [b]Izzy [/b](lost to Karel, Jerome), [b]Stuart [/b](lost to Eissan, Rain), [b]Kiet [/b](lost to Tyler, BMike)

T17. [b]Curtis [/b](lost to James, Paks), [b]Dave [/b](lost to Graeme, Matt), [b]Darcy [/b](lost to Karel, Tyler) [b]Branden [/b](lost to Izzy, Kiet), [b]Matt [/b](lost to Stuart, Shane), [b]Paks [/b](lost to Eissan, Steffan), [b]Andrew [/b](lost to Tyler, Karel), [b]Henry [/b](lost to Kiet, Izzy)

T25. [b]Ourmar [/b](lost to Curtis, Steffan), [b]Brian [/b](lost to Darcy, Jo), [b]Jojo[/b], (lost to Branden, BMike), [b]Russel [/b](lost to Stuart, Graeme), [b]Jason [/b](lost to Eissan, Merlin), [b]Chad [/b](lost to Andrew, David)

Tekken 6

  1. [b]Curtis /b(Michelle)
  2. [b]Keith [/b](lost to Curtis x2)(Bob, Asuka)
  3. [b]Eissan [/b](lost to Keith, Tyson)(Brian)
  4. [b]Steffan [/b](lost to Eissan, Tyler)(Leo, Lee)

T5. [b]Tyler [/b](lost to Eissan, Keith)(Law), [b]Tyson [/b](lost to Steffan, Curtis)(Law, Lars?)

T7. [b]Rain [/b](lost to Eissan, Steffan)(Steve), [b]Tim [/b](lost to Steffan, Keith)(Kazuya)

T9. [b]Karel [/b](lost to Rain, Curtis), [b]Merlin [/b](lost to Steffan, Curtis), [b]Stuart [/b](lost to Eissan, Keith), [b]Henry [/b](lost to Tim, Eissan)

T13. [b]Jason [/b](lost to Merlin, James), [b]James [/b](lost to Stuart, Tim), [b]David [/b](lost to Rain, Tyler), [b]Andrew [/b](lost to Henry, Tyson)

T17. [b]Graeme [/b](lost to Rain, Andrew), [b]Izzy [/b](lost to James, Mike),  [b]Jerome [/b](lost to Henry, David), [b]Mike [/b](lost to Jason, Karel)


  1. [b]Branden /b
  2. [b]Jo [/b](lost to Branden x2)
  3. [b]Graeme [/b](lost to Jo, Henry)
  4. [b]Steffan [/b](lost to Graeme, Curtis)

T5. [b]Curtis [/b](lost to Graeme, Jo), [b]Henry [/b](lost to Steffan, Branden)

T7. [b]Jason [/b](lost to Graeme, Branden), [b]Stuart [/b](lost to Steffan, Jo)

T9. [b]Colin [/b](lost to Stuart, Jason), [b]Jerome [/b](lost to Jason, Stuart)

Street Fighter 2: Hyper Fighting

  1. [b]Shane/b
  2. [b]Kiet [/b](lost to Shane x2)
  3. [b]Tyler [/b](lost to Kiet Shane)
  4. [b]Graeme [/b](lost to Kiet, Tyler)

T5. [b]James [/b](lost to Kiet, Matt), [b]Matt [/b](lost to Graeme, Tyler)

T7. [b]Jo [/b](lost to James, Shane), [b]BMike [/b](lost to Graeme, James)

T9. [b]Paks [/b](lost to Jo, Tyler), [b]Merlin [/b](lost to James, Kiet), [b]Steffan [/b](lost to BMike, Kiet) [b]David [/b](lost to Graeme Shane)

T13. [b]Henry [/b](lost to Jo, David), [b]Jason [/b](Merlin, Steffan), [b]Jerome [/b](lost to BMike, Matt), [b]Chad [/b](lost to Graeme, Paks)

Super Smash Brothers Melee

  1. [b]Wilson /b
  2. [b]Russel [/b](lost to Wilson x2)
  3. [b]Adam [/b](lost to Russel, Wilson)
  4. [b]Kevin T[/b](lost to Adam, Russel)

T5. [b]Janos [/b](lost to Adam, Kevin), [b]Nico [/b](lost to Kevin, Wilson)

T7. [b]David [/b](lost to Janos, Russel), [b]Graeme [/b](lost to Nico, Adam)

T9. [b]Kevin W[/b] (lost to David, Nico), [b]Jerome [/b](lost to Janos, Adam), [b]JD [/b](lost to Graeme, Janos), [b]Alex [/b](lost to Nico, David)

T13 [b]Oumar [/b](lost to Jerome, Graeme), [b]Jojo [/b](lost to Jerome, Kevin T)

Halo 3

  1. [b]Daniel/Bryce[/b] (undefeated)
  2. [b]Kyle/Dylan[/b] (lost to Daniel/Bryce x2)
  3. [b]Jay/Ryan[/b] (lost to Kyle/Dylan, Daniel/Bryce)
  4. [b]Matt/Walter[/b] (lost to Jay/Ryan, Dylan/Kyle)

T5. [b]Chris/Des[/b] (lost to Jay/Ryan, Aaron/Cody), [b]Aaron/Cody[/b] (lost to Matt/Walter, Daniel/Bryce)

T7. [b]Jordon/Robin[/b] (lost to Chris/Des, Jay/Ryan) [b]David/Alex[/b] (lost to Aaron/Cody, Jay/Ryan)

T9. [b]Ted/Ivan[/b] (lost to Chris/Des, Dylan/Kyle), [b]Steven/Jordon[/b] (lost to Jordon/Robin, Matt/Walter), [b]AJ/Dion[/b] (lost to David/Alex, Matt/Walter), [b]Kevin/Jerome[/b] (lost to Aaron/Cody, Kyle/Dylan)

T13. [b]Jordon/Nathan[/b] (lost to Chris/Des, Bryce/Dylan), [b]Oumar/Jojo[/b] (lost to AJ/Dion, Steven/Jordon), [b]Kevin/Mark[/b] (lost to Kevin/Jerome, Ted/Ivan)

Winner of the Shane gauntlet is Chad


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