Airdasher Grand Prix 2016 Results!

    Our third Airdasher styled tournament is in the books now.  It was a bit smaller this year due to being held during a long weekend but we appreciate everyone that took the time to come by this year. Big thanks to those that brought equipment and volunteered their time to help the tournament run smoothly. Lastly, congrats to all our winners as well. Match footage will be edited and uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

    See you all at Baselan 30!


    That Summer Tournament XI Results

    Hey everyone, another TST is in the books and we couldn’t have done it without all of the community support! We’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who brought it equipment to help us run things more efficiently and to all of the players that traveled to Winnipeg for TST.

    Shoutouts to Hailstorm Esports for collaborating with us and running the Smash 4 tournaments and to Irben Entertainment for providing equipment for the tournament.

    This is now the 11th iteration of TST and it’s still going strong, so we hope to see you again at our future events! Thanks for playing!

    Click the link below for the full results for the Chipdamage run events!  For the results for events run by Hailstorm/WePlayGames please check out their Challonge account!

    Match footage will be uploaded in the next couple of weeks.


    FFTF 2016 Results and shoutouts

    Hey everyone, thank you for coming to our event yesterday!  We were able to raise $720 for the Canadian Red Cross!  That’s great stuff and will go a long way to helping out people in Fort McMurray!  Big shoutouts to Irben Entertainment for providing power bars and monitors for us to use throughout the day, things would not have run as smoothly without you!  In addition we want to thank everyone who donated prizes for FFTF, local businesses like Irben and Reset Ultralounge and the community members who donated items.

    We would also like to apologize for the technical difficulties we experienced while running the brackets yesterday.  We will be making changes to how the tournaments are run to prevent this from happening again in the future.

    Click the link below for the full results for the Chipdamage run events!  For the results for events run by Hailstorm/WePlayGames please check out their Challonge account!


    Baselan 29.5 Results!

    Hey everyone, here are the results from Baselan 29.5!  It was a lot of fun as usual and we hope you enjoyed the nonstop gaming during the sunny Victoria day long weekend.  Without further adieu click below to view the results!


    March 2 Battle + NUC12 Results!

    Thanks for coming out everyone, we had a very good turnout with quite a few upsets throughout the day. Big thank you to Irben Entertainment​ for lending us monitors and extension cables for the tournament.  Please check them out on 1389 Pembina! It was a pleasure to work with WePlayGames and collaborate for our annual March tournament. Also big shoutouts to the community members from both Chipdamage and WePlayGames groups that were able to bring stations and equipment to help everything run smoother.

    Thanks again for supporting our events and we’ll see you at the next one!

    Below are the results for the fighting game tournaments run by Chipdamage. Check out the WePlayGames facebook group for the Smash 4 and Pokemon tournament results.

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