SFV Launch Tournament (February 20, 2016)

    We’ll be hosting a launch tournament for Street Fighter V. The newest iteration in the most popular fighting game at our tournament events.

    Like all launch tournaments that we do, there will be no entry fee as this is a free tournament. Keep in mind that this also means there will likely be no prizes. This is more of an early chance to get everyone playing the game.

    Another tradition that we do at launch tournaments is we set up round robin pools to start things off. This guarantees all entrats up to 5 matches. The top two placers in every pool will then be placed in the tournament bracket later in the day.

    This time around, if you do not qualify out of your pool, don’t worry as we have something else planned for you. Stay tuned!

    Pools will start at 2:00pm so try to be there early. If you don’t make it in time or when you are knocked out of the tournament, we will have a casual station set up to use for the entire day.

    Also, and this applies to all PS4 tournaments. Official wireless PS4 controllers are now tournament legal as there is now a desync option built-in to the PS4. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYERS TO DESYNC ALL CONTROLLERS THAT ARE NOT BEING USED, BEFORE THEIR MATCHES. If any pauses occur that were not due to the players in the match but because they failed to desync the controllers, the players must play their match out. If you don’t know how to desync the controllers, please ask a staff member to assist you.

    Check the facebook event page below for the latest details. Get hype!



    Chipdamage Niche Tournament (Jan. 30, 2016)

    We will be kicking off 2016 with a Chipdamage Niche tournament at the end of January.  Come out and play some new and old favorites that haven’t been seen on our roster in quite a while!

    Game Lineup and Schedule:
    2:00 Street Fighter X Tekken .ver 2013 (PS3)

    3:00 Capcom vs SNK 2 (PSN downloadable PS2 version for PS3)

    3:30 Samurai Showdown 2 (Xbox 360)

    4:00 Naruto: Clash of Ninja 1 (GC. We will switch to Clash of Ninja 4 or another version of the game if the community requests and can supply)

    5:00 Soul Calibur 2 (HD version on PSN for PS3)

    5:30 King of Fighters ’98 UM (Xbox 360)

    6:30 Marvel vs Capcom 2 (PS3. Could be Xbox 360 depending on what happens)

    7:00 Melty Blood (Whatever version the community provides)

    7:30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (PS3)

    8:00 Vampire Savior (PS3)

    Check out the facebook event page for all of the latest details!



    Chipdamage Christmas Party

    The ChipDamage Christmas Party is returning this year. As with all our Christmas parties, this is not a tournament but a free gathering as thanks to the community support throughout the year. The event is open to everyone and will be taking place at the Churchill Park United Church. There may be extra recreational activities planned by others and anyone attending is encouraged to bring whatever games they like of the fighting, non-fighting or even non-video variety.

    Food will be potluck style so people are encouraged to bring their own food, drinks, snacks etc. It’s not required of course but it’s recommended because staff definitely won’t have enough to feed everyone.

    Everyone is invited so please make sure to come down!

    Please visit our facebook event page for full details!



    That Summer Tournament X Results!

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came to the tourney even though the weather was ideal for video games but not necessarily to be away from home.

    I’d just like to thank the Chipdamage staff for running another successful tournament and to all of the players who supported the event.


    Click below to check out the TSTX complete results below!  Videos will follow in the coming weeks!


    That Summer Tournament X (Aug. 22-23, 2015)

    Chip Damage and Games on Campus, is proud to present Manitoba’s largest annual fighting game tournament! This is the one you’ve all been waiting for: all the games you love jammed into an action packed two day event at the University of Manitoba.


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