BaseLAN 31(May 19-20, 2017)

We are pleased to be a part of BaseLAN 31 this year!  Similar to past BaseLAN events expect two very full days of tournaments and events with some awesome prizes for the official tournaments!


Earl Grey Community Centre

Venue fee: $20 console pass or $5 spectator pass
Entry fee: Free with console pass
Casual play requires a spectator pass at minimum
Game Lineup and Tentative Schedule:

For the upcoming Baselan 31 we will be trying something a little different. Instead of the usual team tournaments on friday we will be doing a 5v5 game gauntlet.

One person on each team will be selected to play in a mini tournament of a game. There will be 5 games, so each team member has to play one of the games for their team. Winning will get you points for your team. The Team with the most points wins. The five games will be the following

-Street fighter 5
-Guilty gear Revelator
-Injustice 2
-Mystery game.

Friday will also have a street fighter 2 hyper fighting tournament.


Schedule and lineup are subject to change.
This is a Bring Your Own Console event. Please feel free to bring your own setups, stations, or controllers. Players of all skill levels to come out and have fun at the event whether by supporting their friends, playing for fun or competing in the tournaments anyone who likes fighting games is welcomed at our events!
If you have food at the venue, CLEAN UP YOUR OWN MESS it’s only fair!
The console equipment will be labeled and registered to ensure its safety. However, please be careful with your sticks. Furthermore, if you know you’re attending and you do not have a stick to use, make sure you have a friend who can donate. Please avoid sharing a controller with someone else who’s entering any event that you’re also in, we can’t hold up an entire tournament while you wait for a controller.
Please bring extension cords and power bars if you have them available!
Tournament Rules:
Rules are standard for every game unless noted otherwise:
Double elimination tournament brackets with be best two out of three matches.
Grand finals, Winners, and Losers finals are three out of five.
Winner keeps same character, loser may switch character.
UMvC3 and MKX are the only exceptions. They are 3/5 sets throughout the entire bracket.
Game Rulesets:
– Chipdamage FGC Events:
– PS4 Tournament rules:
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