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TST XII is coming in two short weeks! August 19-20, 2017!


That Summer Tournament XII (August 19-20, 2017)


Ai-Kon 2017 Results and footage!

This weekend was our first Ai-kon collaboration event and we are very happy with the turnout!  Big shoutouts to Ai-kon for letting us collaborate with them and giving us space to promote the community and run a few side tournaments.  Look forward to our future events for more fighting game tournaments!

Check out the Ai-kon 2017 Playlist on youtube for all of the recorded footage.


FFTF 2017 Results and videos!

Thanks to everyone who came out to take part or hang out with the community. I hope you all had a good time. Thanks to you all we managed to raise $500. Thanks again to you all. I have always been very proud of this community and this is one of the reasons why.

Check out the FFTF 2017 Playlist on youtube for all of the recorded footage.

And check out the full results from the tournament below:


BaseLAN 31 tournament footage!


BaseLAN 31 Results

Thank you to everyone that showed up this weekend at BaseLAN31!  It looked like everyone enjoyed themselves with different people showing growth!

Please click below for the full results and the recorded match footage will be uploaded after I get back from Combo Breaker


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