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Autumn Combo is one week away!


Autumn Combo is less than one week away!  Please look forward to our last tournament of 2018 and pre-register on Burning Meter if you plan to compete!


Autumn Combo (November 10, 2018)


SCVI Launch Tournament Results!

Hey everyone, we’d like to thank everyone for coming out yesterday to our SCVI launch tournament.  We saw a few old and new faces show up and we hope you guys continue to support the game!  Our next tournament with SCVI in the lineup will be Autumn Combo on November 10, 2018!  Hope to see everyone there and seeing how you’ve all improved!

The soul still burns.


Soulcalibur VI Launch tournament in one week!



Please check out Burning Meter for more information!


TST XIII Results and tournament footage!

Here are the full results of the Chipdamage and Smash 4 events at TST XIII.  Thank you to all of the players who traveled from out of town to attend the event and to everyone that came out to help with setup, equipment, tear down, and everything in between!  We hope you continue to support us at our future events!

Tournament footage will be uploaded onto youtube in the coming week

Twitch VODs can be found at the following:


Ai-Kon 2018 Tournament results and footage!

We hope everyone enjoyed their time at Ai-Kon 2018!  We hosted our first ever panel and met a lot of new faces this weekend! We’d like to thank Ai-kon for letting us collaborate with them again and giving us space to promote the community and run side tournaments in the Gamer’s Lounge!  We hope to see you guys at our next tournament in August, TST XIII (August 18-19, 2018)!

Match footage from Ai-Kon will be uploaded onto our youtube channel in the coming week!

Edit: Tournament footage uploaded now!

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