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That Summer Tournament 7: Bigger Than Ever Results

This past weekend we had about 100 people walk in and out of the venue and had 68 entries in the 9 games that were being played. Here are the results to our biggest tournament ever! 

SSF4AE v2Super Street Figher 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 (2v2 Teams)
1st – Team Harley Davidson (Zyzzeed, JKO)
2nd – Shin Norman Jr911204 (ShinAkuma, NormanJR911)
3rd – Team League of Rich White Gentlemen (ckasady, Robeo)
4th – Something Awesome (U Got Rained On, Yie)
T5 – Grapplers, Team Hands Up Andrew (KangDo, Ivory)
T7 – NDN Girls (Merlando, Levaranoia), Team Gayvid Hump Santa (karo, Fstrike)
T9 – Team Oreo (Kudo, Bumbasnuff)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2v2 Teams)
1st – Skill Masters (killasasa, bmeister)
2nd – Team I Must Use Haohshokoken (KangDo, OohMatty)
3rd – Transcona Training Team (TTT K-Mac, TTT Pastafarian)
4th – Frank Davidson (Zyzzeed, JKO)
T5 – Team Not So Free (Mackenzie, Bumbasnuff), Sanction (Kayne, Korey)
T7 – Brazzers (BRZ_McDuck, BRZ_BasedGodPotMonster), Team Diversity Reborn (ckasady, srf3po)
T9 – Freedom of the Press (karo, poosause)

Persona 4 Arena
1st – Bmeister
2nd – Braindead2000
3rd – Pastafarian
4th – K-Mac
T5 – Cmanoa, Fstrike
T7 – Jo, Andy
T9 – Mackenzie

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
1st – VoiceWPG
2nd – Cmanoa
3rd – Schneider-X
4th – Pastafarian
T5 – Andy, Kang
T7 – srf3po, karo
T9 – Levaranoia, Braindead2000

Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend (is that even right?)
1st – Schneider-X
2nd – Bmeister
3rd – Braindead2000
4th – Gmel MKII
T5 – Simon K, K-Mac,
T7 – KryNoc, Geo Flame, J Wall Magnus
T9 – Silivan

Super Smash Brothers Melee
1st – Russel
2nd – Niko
3rd – The Juice
4th – Phantom
T5 – Devdo, Schneider-X
T7 – Ox Drawn Carriage, Jarrett
T9 – AndyK640, Zen

Mortal Kombat 9
1st – Merlando
2nd – Levarinoia
3rd – Kang
4th – Norman Jr 911
T5 – srf3po, Fstrike
T7 – karo

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st – Norman Jr 911
2nd – Merlando
3rd – Shin Akuma
4th – srf3po
T5 – Kang, ckasady
T7 – Killasasa, Fstrike

King of Fighters XIII
1st – JKO
2nd – OohMatty
3rd – VoiceWPG
4th – BMeister
T5 – cmanoa, Kang
T7 – srf3po, Fstrike
T9 – TTT Pastafarian, Braindead2000

Soul Calibur V
1st – Scneider-X
2nd – Phantom Paladin
3rd – Pastafarian
4th – Bmeister
T5 – srf3po, Kang
T7 – Gmel MKII, K-MAC
T9 – Mega Kawaii Desu~, Alpha Kenny Body, Ox Drawn Carriage

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 (Singles)
1st – Shin Akuma
2nd – JKO
3rd – Norman Jr 911
4th – U Got Rained On
T5 – Remus, Lovetacular
T7 – twelveuser, Kudo
T9 – Merlando, Zyzzeed, Joey, Fstrike
T13 – Nate, srf3po, Robbo, Andy
T17 – Ooh Matty, ckasady, Bumbasnuff, Sean H, CHGL Nate, BRZ McDuck, Rotang

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Singles)
1st – killasasa
2nd – Lovetacluar
3rd – TTT K-Mac
4th – Bumbasnuff
T5 – Zyzzeed, VoiceWpg
T7 – Precision, JC Phoenix 5
T9 – Ooh Matty, Devil_J_64, JKO, Bmeister
T13 – tweleveuser, Lickuid, Ri-San, BRZ McDuck
T17 – Braindead2000, Mackenzie, Kang, Tech-hit, srf3po, CHGL Nate, Joey
T24 – AZN Matty, Vinny, Kagnarok, Raf, karo

Thanks again to everyone that showed up and made this our BIGGEST and I think the BEST TST we have ever hosted. Thanks also to our sponsors/partners GDLK Apparel, Canada Cup Gaming, and PNP Games. Without your support our tournament couldn’t have been as big as it was! For shoutouts and other things, please place them in the TST 7 Results thread here.


CityTV/BTWinnipeg Gaming for Good Marathon, April 27th, 2012

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that on April 27th Breakfast Television Winnipeg will host a 12 hour video game marathon at Polo Park Centre Court in support of CancerCare Manitoba.

This is an opportunity for beginners and pro gamers to challenge their favourite local celebrities to video games that correspond with the celebrities’ skills i.e. play Tony Hawk with a local pro skateboarder. BT hosts Jeremy John and Drew Kozub will also be on-hand to “game out” and entertain the crowds as they fulfill a 12 hours of gaming challenge!

The video game marathon will also stream on a live webcast through the Breakfast Television Winnipeg website.

Not a gamer? Then participate in our 12 Hours of Prizing Marathon. Every hour throughout our gaming marathon you will have the chance to win 1 of 12 prizes that all have a minimum prize value of $200!

Donations towards CancerCare MB will be accepted on-site at Polo Park and online at

Our Gaming for Good Celebrity Gamers– Fred Penner, Goldeyes, Colin Lambert (pro skateboarder, owner of Sk8 skates), Chip Damage (pro gaming group), and Sons of York! 

Prizing is being supplied from the following- Hermano’s South American Steakhouse, Kiehl’s, Live Clean, Second Cup, EB Games, Sk8 skates, Fairmont and the Velvet Glove, New Balance, Extra, Lay’s, and River City Sports! Check back on event day to see what’s up for grabs!

Chip Damage will be there from 2-4PM, with multiple setups for AE2012, and maybe some other games as well. There will be a small side tournament going on during the time. It won’t be anything big, but it’ll put you on the stream if you make it to the top 4. Come down and support the cause.

Here’s the promo that is on television right now.
BTWinnipeg Gaming for Good Promo


Thrift Dweller Blog – Chip Damage Mentioned!

Hey guys,

Back when SCV just came out, there was a Friday night gathering happening and there was this dude there that was taking photos and such. This guy has this blog on the internet and it’s called 204 Hip-Hop Robo Ninja Zombie Turtles. It’s a blog about a variety of topics, but video games are included! Anyways, this guy (known as Nate, or n8) did a little bit of an interview with some of the people there and was just observing, and decided to make a blog post about us! Here’s just a little excerpt from the blog…

Beating up all your buddies at home? Time to take it to the streets. Every Friday, hosts a weekly fight club… for video games that is. A group of local fighting game enthusiasts gather at the University of Manitoba Science Lounge and duke it out in video games, like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and Soul Caliber…

If you wanna read the rest of the blog post (it’s pretty short). Then hit this link. Leave a comment.

Sorry this was from a while back and it took so long to make a front cover post. Hopefully if this kind of coverage happens, we won’t be so slow at putting it up!



Thank You for Playing! – Korea

TST 6 (That Summer Tournament) just wrapped up and I can say it was the most hype and most fun that I’ve seen in the 6 years that I’ve been helping out with the scene. I cannot express enough gratitude to all the people who have helped me get our scene to this level. Without all of you, there would have been no SSGA, no Chip Damage, and no Games on Campus.

As most of you are aware, this TST was my last one that I will be helping with organizing and competing in. I am doing this because I felt it was a good time to get out and see what others could do and I believe I’ve left in it in some good hands. So hopefully, the remaining staff members and the new ones for Games on Campus can make some really awesome events in the future.

In the 6 years that I have been helping with this scene, my goals for it changed along the way. When Matt and I had first started, I believe that I just wanted a place for people to hang out, have fun and play video games. UMGA was still in existence back then, but it wasn’t what we wanted. As time moved on and after going to the T-series tournaments in Toronto, my goals shifted over into the competitive parts of things. As SFIV brought a revival to the scene, the goals once again shifted, competitiveness changed up, people got hungry and wanted to see the end of the “Shane winning every tournament” Era. Now, I think with all these new games in place, it’s a hybrid of both what we initially wanted and the competitive edge remains.

I’ve told many people to remember what they’re doing is just playing a game. Our tournaments are for fun, not drama, hate, etc. I hope in the future I don’t read about people getting kicked out due to unruly behavior and uttering threats (although I’m sure people are smart enough not to do anything like this). Always have fun when you play your opponent and don’t think too hard when fighting your matches, or get too emotional. I find that getting angry or upset will only cloud judgement and will therefore affect how you play and make your decisions (That one’s for the new king of rage, Stuart).

To my fellow staff members (off campus) – I want to thank you for coming this far in the times we’ve had together. I always had a great time helping with you guys making this happen when we thought that the competitive fighting game scene was dying a long time ago. Matt, you supported my idea in the beginning and we did it. Karel, you’ve also been here in the beginning, not helping like you are now, but you also supported what I was doing since our times in high school, so I hope you continue to support the scene until you feel it’s time to leave as well. Duong, you helped with equipment and hosting gatherings at your place. Tyler, you brought in people and were able to advertise us at events that others didn’t get to go to. Jayse, you built the website and kept the media going. Shane, you came into the scene and gave us a reason to keep playing our best, and you also produce our videos, so we can’t thank you enough. I know you guys will keep doing what you do even after I’m gone, take good care of the scene.

I’d also like to thank many of the people we collaborated in the past 6 years: BaseLAN, Machine Interface, C4, PNP Games, PnT Games, Oskar Mike, SSA Staff, and anyone else we’ve missed. I hope that you continue to work with us and create some awesome events.

I’d also like to thank my girlfriend, Monerie. She has been a pretty important person in my life and has been pretty understanding as to how much this scene means to me. So I’m glad that she’s been there when I needed support and motivation to get better or to make things better in the scene.

With that said, I think that’s it. I’ve done all that I can do now. The sticks have been lent out, the VLX is packed/locked up/stored up with my games. I hope that everyone had fun at the events that me and the rest of Chip Damage have been putting on for the past 6 years. You guys have been a 2nd family to me and we’ve had some good and bad times, but we always made it through. I better stop typing before I start tearing up, HA!

See you guys later. It’s been fun,

James Kim aka Korea and/or Jim Kim Modify message


TST VI – Violently Visual Aug. 13-14, 2011

It’s that time again. Winnipeg’s biggest annual fighting game tournament is back with That Summer Tournament 6. We’ve got the big games, smaller games, older games, and mystery games. Lots of stations, come one come all.

There is a bit of stuff still TBD, but we’ll keep you up to date with what’s going on, using BIG BOLD LETTERS.


Room 543-544
5th floor University Centre
University of Manitoba

U of M has ample FREE parking near the tournament location. Check back soon for more information.

If you can’t find the room, check the video below for directions to the venue.

Registration Fee: $5.00
Yes, there is a registration fee this year. It’s necessary to cover the costs of the venue rental. However, if you don’t wish to enter tournaments, site entrance is still free and gets you access to casual play, exhibitions, and/or money matches.

Registration usually begins 1 or 2 hours before each tournament, so get there early and warm up some too.

If you wish to enter any tournament, you pay for the tournament entry fees on top of the 5 dollars.

Games will be Playstation 3 version.
Here’s the current lineup of games and tourneys:

  • Saturday
  • 2:00pm: Soul Calibur 4
    • $2.00/player
  • 2:00pm: Super Smash Bros Melee
    • $10.00/player
  • 3:00pm: BlazBlue CS2
    • $5.00/player
  • 4:00pm: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition 2v2 Teams
    • $5.00/player
    • $10.00/team
  • 6:00pm: Marvel vs Capcom 3 2v2 Teams
    • $5.00/player
    • $10.00/team

Teams will be single game all they way through. Therefore, if you have any sort of MMs or exhibitions planned, please do them on the Saturday after the tournaments as opposed to Sunday.

  • Sunday
  • 2:00pm: Mystery Game Tournament
    • $2.00/player
  • 2:00pm: Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    • $2.00/player
  • 3:00pm: Mortal Kombat 9
    • $5.00/player
  • 4:00pm: Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Singles
    • $10.00/player
  • 6:00pm: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Singles
    • $10.00/player

Standard EVO rule set. This includes banned wireless controllers unfortunately. Their full rule-set can be found here:

This is largely a BRING YOUR OWN STICKS/CONTROLLER event but.
The console equipment will be labeled and registered to ensure its safety. However, please be careful with your sticks. Furthermore, if you know you’re attending and you do not have a stick to use, make sure you have a friend who can donate.

For pad/PS2 stick players, we tend to have PS2 pads and/or converters around, but don’t take this as confirmation of us having them there for you. Bring your own to be safe as opposed to sorry.


Let’s have a big turn out and see what everyone can bring to the table.

Saskatchewan usually has a presence at this tourney too, so if you want to see what they can do too without the horror of actually going to Saskatchewan, this is your ticket Wink.

Yes, we’re aware that it’s close to EVO but unfortunately it can’t be helped. You should come make back some of the money spent in Vegas and abound anyway.

Brought to you by the wonderful folks at Make sure to check back regularly for updates, or follow our Twitter account @ChipDamage to stay in the loop. We hope to see you there!

Original forum post can be found by clicking here.

Note: It took all of my willpower to not call this tournament thread “Bringing Sixy Back: That Summer Tournament 6 (TST6)”

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