Weekly Gathering

Weekly Gatherings Every Friday at the University of Manitoba

We typically meet every Friday at 8:00 pm till roughly 11:00 pm at the University of Manitoba’s Engineering building. It is either in EITC E2-399 or the Lounge with couches on the main floor across the bathroom hallway.

You don’t need to be a University of Manitoba student to join us! There are a large number of regulars who come out but are not enrolled at the U of M. Feel free to bring a station and whatever game you want to play.  The scene plays a wide variety of games and you’re bound to find someone who likes the same games as you do. Again this is open to everyone.

Directions with photos are below:

The image below circled in red is the Engineering building, EITC.  You can park anywhere after 4:30 on weekdays and all day on Weekends. So those gray areas are where you can park. Be reminded though that you cannot park in the 24 hour reserved area. The two closest parking lots are the O lot or J lot’s which are circled below in green.  If those two parking lots are full you can park further south from EITC at the S lot.


For the image below, you can see where the lounge area is with respect to the first floor engineering layout circled in red.


When you enter the EITC building you will see an open atrium with a staircase going up the middle of the building.  This is the view of the atrium facing East, if you entered from the South entrance and turn right once past the doors.


The Engineering lounge on the main floor is a little hidden but it is just opposite of the main floor washrooms underneath the staircase.

13242171_10207449539210173_374249553_oHere is a head on view of the hallway to the Engineering lounge from the Atrium.13234773_10207449537810138_1215096119_o

Finally, just keep going straight, and voila, you now know where we meet up for our weekly gatherings.


If you ever wanna have an impromptu gathering feel free to talk to people on the Discord chat or message us on Facebook!

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