C4 2010 Super Street Fighter 4 Full Results

Congrats to our Top 8 Players! Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting our scene. Keep in shape, gentlemen — BaseLAN is coming up real soon.

Here are our full results from Saturday’s tournament:

1. Shane (Undefeated)
2. Graeme (Lost to Shane x2)
3. BMike (Lost to Shane, Graeme)

4. Jericho (Lost to BMike, Graeme)
T5. Duong (Lost to Matt, Graeme), James Kim (Lost to Graeme, Jericho)
T7. Paks (Lost to BMike, James Kim), Andrew (Lost to James Kim, Duong)
T9. Jo A (Lost to Rain, James Kim), Rain (Lost to Jericho, Andrew), Matt (Lost to Shane, Paks), Tyler (Lost to BMike, Duong)
T13. David (Lost to Tyler, Paks), Eissan (Lost to Jericho, Jo A), Kiet (Lost to Graeme, Andrew), Steed (Lost to James Kim, Duong)
T17. Sandeep (Lost to Graeme, Duong), James Howard (Lost to Shane, Steed), Charlee (Lost to Duong, Kiet), Nate (Lost to Shane, Andrew)
T17. Branden (Lost to Paks, Eissan), Mark A (Lost to David, Jo A), Karel (Lost to Jo A, David), Dylan (Lost to Jericho, Paks)
T25. Stephanie (Lost to Tyler, Mark A), Matt “Clark” H. (Lost to Rain, DQ’d against Karel), Stewart (Lost to Eissan, Dylan)
T25. Matt J. (Lost to Kiet, Sandeep), Ian (Lost to Andrew, Steed), Mark T (Lost to Matt, Charlee), Andy S (Lost to James Howard, Nate)

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