TST9 Match footage!


    Hey everyone check out the TST9 matches that we recorded from the tournament!  Sorry only some of the matches have commentary/ambiance to it.  See you all at the next event!


    TST9 Results

    Another That Summer Tournament is in the books, thanks to everyone that showed up to compete and support us. Big thanks to those that brought equipment and volunteered their time to help the tournament run smoothly. Lastly, congrats to all our winners as well.

    Post any shoutouts you have on our forums here.

    Please take a minute to answer our TST9 survey, so we can have even better tournaments in the future!

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    That Summer Tournament 9 (Aug. 23-24, 2014)

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    Chipdamage April Tournament footage

    Here’s a YouTube playlist with all of the match footage recorded from the April Tournament. Sorry top 3 wasn’t recorded for every game!


    The Chipdamage April Tournament Results – April 26, 2014

    With last weekend’s 2014 spiritual successor to March 2 Battle, April tournament is done.  This tournament is typically more low-key in Chipdamage history but this year has exceeded our expectations with over 80 people participating in our tournaments.

    Thank you to everyone that helped provide equipment and Jon Melven for taking care of the Project M and SSBM tournament side of things.  Without everyone’s support we wouldn’t be able to run this many tournaments.

    Go here for the shoutouts;

    Also a shoutout to the players that drove in from Saskatchewan!

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