New Year Launch Tournament – Feb. 21, 2015

    Chip Damage and Games on Campus is proud to launch our first tournament of the 2015 year!  So get ready as there’s a lot of events planned for this year!

    As always, this is an all ages event.  Regardless of skill-level, all players,spectators and fans are encouraged to attend socialize, support a friend, and enjoy some good old fashioned fighting games.

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    Baselan 27: Forever Fight as One Results and videos!

    Sorry for being a little late with the frontpage post but here are the results and videos for Baselan 27!

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    Airdasher Grand Prix Results

    Our second Airdasher styled tournament is in the books now.  It the community continues to grow and get more representation for each game we run. Big thanks to those that brought equipment and volunteered their time to help the tournament run smoothly. Lastly, congrats to all our winners as well.

    Post any shoutouts you have on our forums here.

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    Airdasher Grand Prix (October 4, 2014)

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    TST9 Match footage!


    Hey everyone check out the TST9 matches that we recorded from the tournament!  Sorry only some of the matches have commentary/ambiance to it.  See you all at the next event!

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